Riot Games Reveals New Anti-Cheat System for Valorant

by in League of Legends | Mar, 2nd 2020

One of the most important things in a competitive shooter, other than solid gameplay, is fair play. There’s nothing worse than seeing people cheat in online games, but it seems so easy to do these days. Riot Games seems to be on board with that, though, as they reveal a new anti-cheat system for their upcoming Valorant.

All About Vanguard

No, we don’t mean Broken Matt Hardy’s drone, Vanguard One. The developers behind League of Legends revealed Vanguard as their newest anti-cheat system to combat hackers that will come upon their game, Valorant. It is still in the Alpha phase, but it’s never too early to work on protection and make sure all have fair play.

Vanguard is a proprietary anti-cheat system developed by Riot and used in Valorant, scheduled to release later this year. This cheat detector will allow for “consistently evolving detection methods,” to ban cheaters right when they get caught. No second chances, no waiting. BAM, Justice!

If a player gets caught, the game will instantly end for all participants, and loss forgiven will be applied to everyone but the cheater. The cheater gets banned on the spot. It will hopefully control the amount of cheating that goes on in the game, not just at one time, but indefinitely.

Something Borrowed, Something New

Another thing to help deal with cheaters will be Fog of War. The system borrowed from the RTS genre (and League of Legends) will prevent players from seeing the other players until line-of-sight contact occurs. It will help against wallhackers a great deal, we think.

However, there is some fear involved in this, though. Some players are that good that what they do can come across as cheating. They must make sure that this new anti-cheat system won’t ban Valorant players who have done nothing wrong. If this AI is smart enough to discern cheaters from incredibly skilled players, that would be fantastic.

We don’t want to see anyone get banned without just cause, that’s for sure. What I do wish to see, though, is to have a pro player try to cheat at a major and get caught. On a huge global stage with thousands or even millions watching. Why would I want that? To show that Riot isn’t tolerating cheaters and to show people that cheating does not pay in the end. That is perhaps the greatest gift that Riot could give us at all.

I love the idea of Fog of War, though. That makes me wonder. Will this be an FPS with wards? Are we going to see support-style players dropping vision for the team’s sniper to utilize? Oh man, now that sounds hype. You guys know by now, probably, that anytime I can be a support player, I’m 100% in. That would be a seriously cool feature, too.


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