Riot Games Hires Anti Cheat Vigilante GamerDoc

by in Valorant | Sep, 15th 2020

Riot Games is taking anti-cheat incredibly seriously with Valorant. Moreso than they do with League of Legends, that’s for sure. How can we tell? Valorant’s dev team has hired Mohamed “Gamerdoc” Al-Sharifi from the Anti-Cheating Police Department. The AntiCheatPD is a group of gamers who want to keep hackers and cheaters out of our competitive games. In a twist, the Anti-Cheat Police Department break hacks, or simply stop the businesses from selling them. Valorant taking the time to hire the man who heads up the effort can only be a positive thing.

Think of them like Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; but instead of breaking faces with hockey sticks, they break auto-aim cheats for Overwatch and Valorant.

GamerDoc Fights Back

The Anti-Cheating Police Dept. are tired of watching game devs ignore hacks and cheaters. We’ve spent way too much time being angry at players in CoD who shoot through walls, dash across the ground prone, or people in League of Legends who auto-hit all their skill shots. Blaming “hacking” always sounds so immature, but it’s a very real thing that’s going down in competitive gaming. 

Riot Games aren’t the only company that is finally seeking to stop these cheat factories. Activision is seeking right now to stop a website, GatorCheats. Instead of dropping lawsuits and litigation, Valorant hired GamerDoc, a 24-year old Londoner. He’s had a rough time, fleeing a war-torn country and heading to London, and he recently wrote about this in a Twitlonger:

“The entire Vanguard team is filled with the same passion as me. I really love their work and fight against cheaters, and I am honoured to be part of that team. I will work extremely hard to make sure I protect all the players and make sure we protect the competitive integrity of Riot’s titles.”

Trouble for Doc

Not everyone has been happy about the recruitment of Gamerdoc to the Valorant Vanguard team – take G2’s Ardiis, for example! We saw in the announcement tweet that ardiis asked “How have you scammed that then”, which sounds pretty salty.

It is probably because GamerDoc accused Ardiis of cheating and match-fixing earlier this year. Now, Ardiis was cleared of these charges, GamerDoc has done a lot of good in the gaming community to fight against hacking. In the original allegations, Kpiz said Ardiis reached out to get cheats/match-fix, but it could have just been someone trying to put the screws to the G2 player.   

We can’t help but wonder how this is going to work though. GamerDoc’s strategy was to work from within the cheating community and break things down, but as an official employee of the Valorant team, he’s not got the anonymity he used to. Perhaps he’ll be able to create another account and sneak around. Who knows? We just know that he has worked tirelessly to make gaming safer and more enjoyable, so he’s a sound get for the Riot Games team. If only they took League of Legends cheating this seriously.

Where do you stand though? Was it a great get for the security team? Be sure to leave your thoughts with us!


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