Riot Games Brings the VCT Game Changers to EMEA Region

by in Valorant | Sep, 8th 2021

Valorant’s Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers program will move into the EMEA region. Following the success of the VCT in North America, we’re going to see three new tournaments in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). The idea behind Valorant’s VCT, whether in NA or EMEA, is to provide safe opportunities for women to compete without fear of identity or gender-based harassment. Perhaps one day, that will stop being an issue, but it very much is for now. Across the remainder of 2021, we’ll see three exciting VCT tournaments in the EMEA region in Valorant.

VCT for EMEA Starts This Month

Interestingly enough, both of the September and October events will be open qualifiers and will feature up to 64 teams made up of women. The October tournament will be different in it is an “All-In” edition. This lets co-ed teams take part, provided at least three members of the squad are women. The entrants will then compete for a €20,000 prize per tournament. Are there any requirements for the tournament? You must be at least Platinum 1 at the time of registration or during the previous Act. 

“Right now, the esports industry is suffering from a severe lack of female representation at pro level,” said Vera Wienken, brand manager DACH for Riot Games and leader of the VCT EMEA Initiative. “If we want to inspire more women to pursue their esports dreams, we need to take direct action to make these games more accessible and create a level playing field for them to enter in years to come. We want VCT Game Changers EMEA to be that stepping stone for women in the EU to show off their VALORANT skills and compete in a fair, safe environment but still within the ecosystem.”

In November, you will have a bigger prize of €50,000. More information will, of course, be made available as we get closer to these events. Here are the dates for the upcoming tournaments:

  • September 27 – October 3, 2021
  • October 25 – October 31, 2021
  • November 15 – November 21, 2021

You can already register for the first VCT EMEA tournament for Valorant at this link. Valorant’s popularity continues to soar in 2021, and we’re glad to see that Riot Games is taking inclusion seriously with the VCT Game Changers program. If you think you make the cut, gather up some friends and take part!


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