Riot Games Announces Valorant Ignition Series

by in Valorant | Jun, 16th 2020

“No plans for Valorant esports” indeed! There’s been a lot of talk about Valorant’s flagging numbers on Twitch. Whether or not this is a response to build up interest in Valorant again, that remains to be seen. Regardless, the Valorant Ignition Series is the first step toward building an esports scene for the shooter courtesy of Riot Games.

What Can We Expect?

Riot Games pulled all the stops here. More than 20 esports orgs are on-board for the Ignition Series which debuts this Friday, June 19. The idea is that they will have Ignition Series events across the world. It all kicks off with the European G2 Esports Invitational (presented by Red Bull) and the Rage Valorant Japan Invitational.

If you don’t live in one of those regions, fear not. Events are coming to North America, Brazil, Latin America, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Europe, Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East. More information will be released on these soon. But it looks like they’re covering all the important esports hubs. I wonder if they are lumping India in with Southeast Asia though. India’s quickly becoming a popular esports location. I didn’t see China on the list either, and that’s curious too.

“We’re thrilled to pull together the best from gaming and esports to deliver a program that will showcase Valorant on a global scale,” said Whalen Rozelle, senior director of esports at Riot Games. “The Ignition Series will unlock the creative potential of some of our top partners and will help us build an esport from the ground up that is authentic to the Valorant community.”

What is interesting is that it doesn’t seem like there is any uniform rules or regulations quite yet. Each Ignition Series tournament will have its variations and rules, as well as open qualifiers, show matches, and invitationals with top pros. If these teams didn’t have to buy in for ludicrous prices, that could mean it would be much easier to build a pro scene for each region.

“We are ready to open the Valorant Ignition Series and continue the success of the G2 EU Brawls in an all-out entertainment-filled invitational Our partnership with Riot has helped make the European League of Legends community the force it is today and contributed to the success of the LEC, and I have no doubt that we will do the same for Valorant,” said Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports in a recent press release.

“Valorant is a fantastic game and Riot has accomplished what many have tried by finding the sweet spot between casual fun and a hardcore competitive experience. Through this Series the world will see exactly what the Valorant hype is all about.”

More than 100 invitationals took place for Valorant as the closed beta went on which says to me that the want for esports is there. The Ignition Series will seek to grow the brand of Valorant esports around the world and make it easier to follow across the series of events.

The Ignition Series will spotlight a select amount of tournaments each week to help discover talented players and build global recognition for top Valorant teams. Riot Games will support Ignition Series events with amplification through multiple publishing channels, including a dedicated landing with an updated schedule, and guiding tournament organizers to provide a best-in-class experience weekly.

Are you excited for Valorant esports? Or perhaps you’re worried it will drown under the weight of CS:GO? Either way, we’d love to know what you think about it!


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