Riot Games Announces Teamfight Tactics Mobile Release Date

by in General | Jan, 14th 2020

The Riot Games Teamfight Tactics mobile announcement took everyone by surprise. The notion of playing Riot’s version of auto chess on portable devices was never an outlandish idea, but many felt that such a thing was way off.

Fortunately, Riot started working on the mobile variant soon into development to deliver Teamfight Tactics mobile as quickly as possible. Now, the Teamfight Tactics mobile release date has been officially announced.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile Coming Soon

A couple of months went by after their initial announcement. Seeing how we had a vague 2020 release date, fans were getting worried that we’d have to wait longer before queueing up on the go. Fortunately, that’s far from the case.

According to Riot’s latest TFT-focused developer video, they will be releasing Teamfight Tactics mobile in most countries in mid-March for both iOS and Android. The Teamfight Tactics mobile release date coincides with the third set of TFT champions. Riot didn’t share much information, but they seem stoked for what’s to come. We’re bound to find out more over the coming weeks.

What to Expect from Teamfight Tactics Mobile

Teamfight Tactics mobile will allow players to game on the go without sacrificing overall TFT experience. The mobile variant is a carbon copy of the full-fledged game, although it has been slightly tweaked and redesigned to accommodate smaller screens. The fact that it’ll support cross-platform play right out the gate is just icing on the cake. You’ll be able to challenge your friends regardless of their platform of choice.

Because it’s a one-to-one experience, everyone will be competing on an even footing.

Finally, Teamfight Tactics mobile is bound to attract an even bigger number of players. It won’t be downloaded just by TFT aficionados but also those entirely new to the game and genre. By doing this, Riot is tapping into a bafflingly large number of potential players, which will only further strengthen TFT’s position as the go-to autochess title.

What Riot accomplished with TFT in such a short amount of time is mind-blowing. No one expected TFT to stand the test of time (not to this degree, at least). Yet, it’s a permanent game mode and will even make the jump to mobile. It’s an excellent time to be alive if you’re a fan of the League of Legends ecosystem, that’s for sure.

With the Teamfight Tactics mobile release date on the horizon, mark your calendars and pre-register on the Google Play Store to get notified immediately once the game is released.

March can’t come soon enough!


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