Riot Games Announces New Card Game Legends of Runeterra

by in League of Legends | Oct, 16th 2019

After 10 long years, Riot Games has finally justified the “s” in their name as the famed League of Legends developer, announcing a slew of new titles coming over the next couple of years.

The biggest and closest to launch among the titles is the League-based card game Legends of Runeterra, a Hearthstone and Magic-style card game coming to PC and mobile.

Legends of Runeterra

Revealed at the end of the Riot Plz show last night, Legends of Runeterra allows you to build a deck of cards from your favorite factions and characters. In addition to a slew of new ones such as Yone the Windchaser and Shiraza the Blade, among others.

Much like Hearthstone, the game slowly gives you mana each turn to summon increasingly powerful cards to your side of the field, many with special abilities to help you clear out your opponent’s side of the field as you try to drain their “Nexus” health to zero.

You also have spells and smaller minions to summon to help you turn the tide or secure your victory. What sets it apart is how turns work in the game.

Player turns are divided into actions as opposed to full turns, meaning every time you play a card, your opponent gets a chance to play one as well, and vice versa.

The board state switches between rounds, meaning each player take turns attacking and defending across multiple moves before switching sides.

The play pattern sounds confusing and is probably one of the more unique versions of a digital card game we’ve seen, especially with monetization.

Instead of buying card packs, players can buy currency to straight buy the cards they want, along with purchasing them with earned in-game currency, much like how League of Legends handles its champions.

Players also can level up and unlock new cards or get them from the daily free chests. This allows players to build up their card portfolio quickly. Players can spend more time on building decks and strategy than trying to play catch up with older players and trying to open a pack with the card they want randomly.

Currently, you can sign-up for the beta here, with the PC beta access now rolling out sign-ups and the Google Play version coming soon.

Once we gain access, we’ll have a game-play preview and review for you all shortly afterward, so stay tuned!

Also, keep watching as we continue to cover everything Riot announced last night and more as League of Legends 10-year celebration continues.


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