Riot Games Announce Valorant Esport Plans for SEA Region in 2021

by in Valorant | Oct, 14th 2020

Anytime we write about Valorant esports, it seems we have to preface it with “There are no concrete esports plans yet”; but that has changed for one region. That’s right, 2021 is going to be a huge year for Valorant esports, at least, in the SEA region. As of today, Riot Games has made its announcement for esports and collegiate plans, as they pertain to the SEA region. Still no word on NA or EU it seems, but it’s a start! 

For now, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are going to be building their reputation in an official Valorant esports and collegiate circuit. We are so pumped to see something coming of the game’s potential in esports finally!

Who Is Competing?

A group of esports partners for Valorant in the SEA region will be setting up exclusive tournaments. They will offer the highest possible gameplay, and would-be teams will use these to qualify for the largest regional/international Valorant tournaments. The best part of this is Riot Games backing the whole thing. This feels way different from the Ignition series and other invitationals. 

The aforementioned partners will run merit-based qualifiers for Valorant First Strike. Valorant First Strike is a global set of tournaments that was announced back in September. But who are these partners?

  • Mineski Philippines (Philippines Esports)
  • AcadArena and Mineski Philippines count as two separate organizers for the Philippines Collegiate. 
  • The Gaming Company for Malaysia Esports and Collegiate, and Singapore Esports
  • Professional Gamers League and Eliphant for Singapore Collegiate
  • Talon for Hong Kong Esports and Collegiate, and Taiwan Esports
  • Taiwan Mobile and TeSL for Taiwan Collegiate
  • ESL for Thailand Esports and Collegiate
  • ONE Up for Indonesia Esports and Collegiate

Chris Tran, Head of Esports at Riot Games Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong spoke about the announcement:

”Players have asked and we’re excited to answer. In Southeast Asia, the appetite for VALORANT esports has been tremendous and we are pleased to partner with the region’s leading esports organizations to introduce new heights of competitive play to the region.”

If you’re in these regions, the following link will guide you to the dates for registration. Valorant has been growing at a rapid rate, there’s no denying that. This feels like the next step in the evolution of Valorant esports, after the successful Valorant Ignition events. Millions of fans watched those, and we’re curious to know if the NA/EU crowds are going to be tuning into the SEA Valorant esports scene in 2021, if there’s a place to do it at. We imagine news about that will be on the official Valorant site.

How are you feeling about the news? Is it only a matter of time before a collegiate/esports scene shows up for NA? Let us know how you feel about it on Twitter!


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