Riot Decides to Remove League of Legends Division Promos

by in League of Legends | Jun, 2nd 2020

League of Legends division promos will finally be a thing of the past. You’ve read that one right. Riot has decided to fulfill everyone’s long-time fantasy and remove one of the most despised aspects of the average solo queue climb!

Players have been complaining about this one for many years but Riot would never budge, for a wide variety of reasons. Now, however, it seems as though they’re finally willing to embrace a different kind of approach. It’s a bit overdue but better late than never. If things go “according to plan,” division promos will be removed entirely starting with the 2021 preseason. They’re doing so in an attempt to “reduce the frustration” that arises when players “hit a wall” during their solo queue expeditions.

What Will This Mean?

Of course, even this “small” change requires counterbalancing, so Riot will look into inter-division demotions as well. If you’ll climb more easily, the threat of getting demoted should also be bigger in size. Riot is still brainstorming ideas and coming up with the entire plan, so take everything with reserve.

There’s nothing worse than getting an intentional feeder or an OTP in your promos. There’s a seemingly endless list of solo queue-related abominations and dreadful scenarios that mostly befall you at the worst possible time. This quality of life change won’t necessarily increase your rank, but it will alleviate a good chunk of the pain and frustration that come with your average solo queue climb. It’s amazing to see Riot address so many community concerns. They’re listening to their playerbase and are making the right, proactive moves to make the game better for everyone in the long run.

With League division promos becoming a thing of the past, it’s fair to expect a lot more players getting back to the grind. For a more detailed dive into the matter, make sure to read Riot’s official dev post! In the meantime, you can log in and queue up if you want to snag the many cosmetic goodies that are up for grabs during the Pulsefire event!


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