Riot Begins Investigating Valorant Match Fixing Accusations

by in Valorant | Apr, 1st 2021

Riot Games is looking into Valorant match fixing? If the rumors are true, they certainly are. This is going on alongside the ESIC’s (Esports Integrity Commission) match fixing allegations in CSGO. This is through a series of interviews of Valorant players, and some of these are suspected to also be involved in match fixing in CSGO. This could mean there will be some overlap between the two investigations, despite both being independent of one another.

It Began With Mountain Dew

We’ve seen a lot of CSGO players make the jump to Valorant, and some of these were also at the heart of match fixing allegations in CSGO, so it sounds like Riot is very suspicious of them. We can’t blame them, either. It would be quite harmful for the new esport to be damaged by quite a lot of sudden match fixing. How did this all reportedly get started? There was very public talk about the Mountain Dew League (MDL) in North America, which is operated by the ESEA.

We’ve spoken about this self-same investigation before. This could ultimately impact the Valorant Champions Tour in a major way too. Several esports orgs had concerns about offering players contracts since it wasn’t clear what the investigation would conclude. If CSGO players get banned for match fixing, and they wind up in Valorant, it could just mean a new opportunity for those players to cheat.

While we have no idea if this will bear any fruit, or if there’s any actual match fixing in Valorant, Riot Games is still looking into it. According to a source of Dexerto’s:

“Currently there’s a team of people investigating the claims from CSGO and they’ve interviewed a number of players they believe are named in the ESIC investigation. They’ve interviewed players and owners as they’re trying to ascertain the overall integrity of their scene. Several organizations have been telling the players involved that they can’t sign them until Riot have cleared them and this has pressured Riot to get involved.”

It sounds like Riot would want to work together with the ESIC if possible. They have access to a great deal of information since they collaborate with other third parties, such as the various betting sites. While interesting, it sounds like Riot isn’t approaching this in a wise manner. Instead, it’s reportedly very vague lines of questioning, and nothing specific.

One of the people questioned said this:

“A lot of the questions were vague and not about specific times. I was asked if I knew anything about [one of the accused players] ever fixing a match and other questions like that. Everyone knows which players did it. We all talk among ourselves. Some [players] have confessed privately but if they don’t do that when Riot ask them I don’t see what they can do about it.”

The last thing we want to see in Valorant is match fixing. This is an interesting situation though. Riot Games taking the time to look into these players that are accused of cheating in CSGO may mean they won’t be welcome in Valorant either. The ability to cheat in one game, get banned after making fast cash, and then go play again in another competitive league? That would be vile. Instead, leave those people out, and let the spots go to people who want to play fairly and earn victory.

Perhaps the reason Riot got involved is that the ESIC investigation is slowing down, thanks to groups like the FBI taking part, allegedly. For now, we have no idea what the final investigation is going to find, nor if it will be made public at all. We just hope that Valorant stays as clean as possible, with no match fixing and cheating.


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