Reworked Volibear Hits Live Servers in Patch 10.11

by in League of Legends | May, 29th 2020

The long-awaited Volibear rework has finally hit live servers with the latest patch 10.11! Fans and players can test the staggering, jungling giant to their heart’s content! We already covered the “Thunder’s Roar” and his ability kit in great detail, so if you’re interested in finding out the nitty-gritty you can head over to our in-depth breakdown.

The second half of the 2020 competitive season is about to begin, and you can bet that many professional players are already theorycrafting and coming up with creative use-case scenarios for both Volibear and Fiddlesticks — yet another exquisite rework that was released mere weeks ago. Riot’s efforts to infuse age-old champions with new life has been quite successful, although not every rework manages to capture everyone’s imagination and interest.

How Well Will Volibear Play?

The only question now is: Will the reworked Volibear be any good in a competitive setting? Does he have that extra something that can push him into competitive viability, or will he immediately fade into obscurity as a relatively unsuccessful rework? The last time we saw Volibear in pro play, he was being utilized as a solid counterpick in the bottom lane, picked solely to shut down any kind of lane duo that had Yuumi as a support.

Riot made numerous changes to his ability kit, but whether or not that’ll end up making him a viable pick remains to be seen. He’s certainly a potent jungler and watching players maximize his strengths and overall potential will be quite an interesting ride over the coming weeks. If we were to judge his viability right now, we’d have to say that he doesn’t seem all that overpowered. One could argue that he’ll need a couple of nuanced tweaks and buffs to rise in popularity.

Finally, if you’re a fan of League-themed music, make sure to listen to Volibear’s amazing champion theme. It sets the tone and goes hand-in-hand with his overall aesthetic and lore.


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