Results of WePlay Rocket League Invitational Day One

by in Rocket League | Sep, 18th 2021

Much like we expected, WePlay has rolled out their highly unique production style for their Rocket League invitational with casters dressed up as mechanics and a stage themed after a racetrack mechanics’ pit. Host Fdot and commentators SUP3RSoN1K and Lawler’s costumes make the audience feel like they’re on the sidelines of Talladega which honestly is such an amazing touch for a team that’s probably never been to a NASCAR event.

The first day of WePlay’s Rocket League Invitational contained some surprising upsets and disappointments. The NA circuit of WePlay’s event is sure to continue surprising viewers while fans of Shamrock Gaming are gripping their desks hoping the team won’t be eliminated by the day’s end.

Let’s go ahead and look over some of these results for day one of the WePlay Rocket League Invitational.

Results for Day 1 of WePlay’s Rocket League Invitational

EMEA’s day one contained a disappointing showing for Saudi Arabia’s Sandrock Gaming. Their matches against Team BDS started out with a 6-0 shutout in the first game that led to dwindling efforts and frustration for the Saudi squad’s first showing at international Rocket League competition. Sandrock showed impressive efforts on behalf of players like Ahmad and trk, but passes and clear down the middle of the field opened up easy goal attempts for BDS, and mistakes made off the pitch would leave Sandrock Gaming’s posts open for easy goals.

Today, Sandrock will face the Vodafone Giants, who also struggled against their opponents, Guild Esports. The Giants struggled to score goals in their first two games with only their third game showing any signs of life whatsoever. If Sandrock can recover from yesterday’s loss, they may have an easier time today.

Results of WePlay Rocket League Invitational day one — EMEA

Team BDS has yet to drop a single map on in the bracket.
  • Team BDS 4 : 0 Sandrock Gaming
  • Guild Esports 4 : 0 Vodafone Giants
  • SMPR Esports 2 : 4 Karmine Corp
  • Team Vitality 4 : 0 Dignitas

NA’s brackets contained a surprise upset by Shopify Rebellion winning their match against Spacestation Gaming 4-3. These matches were hard-fought, but Rebellion’s solid defense and close goal attempts allowed them to net games that allowed them to shut out Spacestation Gaming 3-0 twice in the last three games of the set. Matches in the first few games were played at neck-breaking speeds with teams trading goals left and right. Definitely a fun match to revisit if you missed out on day one of WePlay’s Rocket League Invitational for NA.

Results of WePlay Rocket League Invitational day one – NA

  • Shopify Rebellion 4 : 3 Spacestation Gaming
  • ENVY 0 : 4 FaZe Clan
  • G2 Esports 4 : 1 Rogue
  • The General NRG 4 : 1 Soniqs

With day three of the event currently underway, it’ll be fun and interesting to see who will be able to dethrone NRG’s stranglehold on the NA scene. It’s a shame that Sandrock Gaming were unable to secure better placement during the tournament, but they’ll find another opportunity to do so at the RLCS Fall Major should they be able to qualify. Vitality’s journey to the grand finals will be an interesting watch, as every match they undertake could spell disaster if they aren’t careful; their tournament life hangs in the balance.

Best of luck to the teams competing! We’ll be sure to continue updating you on results for the WePlay Rocket League Invitational.


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