Respawn Teases Apex Legends Seer Legend With The Moth and The Flame Story

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 16th 2021

Respawn Entertainment has revealed the first seemingly Apex Legends Seer teaser. The new legend coming in Season 10 of the battle royale game has not been entirely revealed just yet, but there are already hints at who that person will be. 

Respawn Releases Possibly the First Apex Legends Seer Teaser

Previously, there were some leaks recently that have hinted that Seer is going to be the next legend in the game. Interestingly enough, developer Respawn has fueled the flames of this rumor by releasing the first potential Apex Legends Seer teaser, despite the new season being a few weeks away. 

This was done on Twitter with the release of The Moth and The Flame storybook-like teaser trailer released. This came out of nowhere and is quite unlike anything else that we have seen for the game before. Sure, we’ve had plenty of cinematic trailers, but none in this vein. 

Instead of the usual cinematic footage built in a similar vein to the style of the actual proper battle royale title, this is more of a 2D children’s book style that is beautiful and mysterious all at the same time. The Moth and The Flame is like a storybook that Respawn is reading to us. 

Interestingly enough, this was touted by Respawn as only part one of the storybook setting, so we can presume that we will at least get one more chapter of this tale, if not more than that. Furthermore, the storyline introduced here gives us some intriguing hints as to who Seer might be.

The Moth and The Flame Hint at the Next Legend

The Moth and The Flame looks like it is the first Apex Legends Seer teaser with a tale that shows a faceless and blind princess trapped in her room by her parents, who were trying to protect her from the horrors of the outside world ironically. 

However, this did not stop someone else from the outside from trying to reach the imprisoned princess in a classic fairytale-like fashion. A young man wanders by and his singing voice in the story attracts the princess to him, and the two quickly fall in love with each other once they meet. 

Their tragic storyline quickly leads to despair as the king and queen find out about the man who is in love with their daughter and capture him. The story ends with the princess’s parents then imprisoning the young man in hopes of protecting their daughter from him. 

At that point in time, The Moth and The Flame story chapter one ends right here with this nice little cliffhanger in the otherwise short video. It gives us just enough of a teaser to know some about this basic fairytale storyline and that there is more to it than just this. 

What We Know From This Tale So Far

From here, it is likely that in a week or two, we will get the next part in which we will find out what happens to the man in prison and whether or not he can get free and meet up once more with the love of his life in the young, also imprisoned princess. 

What is interesting about this whole situation is that if you were to watch this video randomly on its own without being told anything about it beforehand, you might not realize that this is an Apex Legends video at all. After all, there are no names or organizations that are mentioned in it. 

Furthermore, it has a very fantasy theme to the little bit of art that we can see in the trailer. In this way, it could just be a story that the upcoming legend is telling to someone else, but we will take it at face value and believe that one of these characters is the new legend. 

As such, we believe that this is the first Apex Legends Seer teaser. It has revealed the character’s identity. With much of the focus on the princess, it seems like she will be the legend. That would be fascinating, for sure, but we do not think this is the case. 

Who Seer Might Actually Be

Instead, we believe that the legend will be the guy in the end, most likely. In the EA Play Live video recently, the Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier noted that the legend is a “he,” at least according to him. That could have been a slip-up, but we do not think that is the case.

In this way, we believe that Seer, or whoever the new legend will be called, will be male. In this way, it makes it seem as if the new hero will be none other than the imprisoned male in The Moth and The Flame. This would be an interesting twist. We expect that he has a lot of tragedy awaiting him if this is the case.

Thus far, Apex Legends’ characters have pretty much all had tragic backstories of some kind, so we would not be surprised if he does as well. However, it may not end with the princess dying or anything like that. Perhaps his imprisonment leads to him being forced to play the Apex Games, maybe even earn the right to be with her or something like that. 

It could be someone else in the story we have not met yet or even the son of the two star-crossed lovers who have chosen to enter the battle royale competition for one reason or another. Or, more intriguingly, neither of the two characters might be Seer in the end. For now, we will have to wait and see until the next chapter of The Moth and The Flame to find out more. 


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