Respawn Reveals Apex Legends Obi/Seer in Trailer

by in Apex Legends | Jul, 19th 2021

Apex Legends is nearing the end of the ninth season of Legacy content, and Respawn Entertainment is getting ready to start announcing what’s coming in the next season. As part of this, the new legend has been revealed to be Apex Legends Obi, one of the most mysterious and fascinating characters to date. 

Apex Legends Obi Revealed as the Next Legend

Apex Legends Obi, or Seer as he is known in-game, has been finally revealed and will be coming to the battle royale title as part of Season 10. There is little known about the character right now, but we have seen what he looks like, and we know quite a bit about his backstory. 

Obi was revealed as part of the latest Apex Legends backstory cinematic trailer introducing the character and his backstory. The beautiful and stylistic trailer shows how Obi came to be and why he might be the most unique and mystical legend in the game thus far. 

The trailer, shown off on Twitter, also directly connects to the three chapters of The Moth and The Flame storybook that we started to get last week. We knew that this was likely leading up to the reveal of the next legend, but we were not quite sure how it would pan out in the end. 

Fortunately, we now know how Apex Legends Obi connects to the story and reveals some about his powers. For starters, let us break down the three chapters of the storybook as it directly leads up to his backstory cinematic trailer. 

The Moth and The Flame Story Recap

In the first chapter of The Moth and The Flame, there is a blind princess whose parents lock her up to keep her safe. As we already covered last week, a man whose singing catches the princess’ attention and they quickly fall in love with one another. 

Her parents find out about the young man and their relationship and lock him up in prison to keep him away from their daughter and possibly take her away from them. That is how the first chapter ended. We were not yet sure which one of the characters would turn out to be Obi. 

Then chapters two and three came along and concluded the story, revealing that the princess found out about his imprisonment and was saddened until she met a moth who wished to burn itself due to being cursed. But the princess saved the moth from killing itself. 

In the final chapter, the princess escaped with the moth. Her parents took it out on the young man, burning him at the stake in retribution, and when the princess and the moth saw the flames, they, too, joined him and died together all at once in an extremely tragic end. 

But this event caused a disturbance and led to the curse of the moth taking form, ending the storybook. But the tale did not end there completely, as it picked up again in the Apex Legends Obi reveal trailer. I was sort of right that the Seer character would be the son of the two characters from the book. 

Apex Legends Obi Trailer Reveals the Character’s Backstory

While that was not true, it begins with Obi being born and the curse of the moth essentially being inside him. In a way, it seems like this Obi in the future is the reincarnation of the moth and the child that the two star-crossed lovers were never able to have. 

The stunning reveal trailer shows that Apex Legends Obi is a boy with glowing blue eyes known from birth to be cursed and, essentially, terrible, catastrophic things are happening around him. He is shunned by society. The trailer goes throughout his life until joining the Apex Games. 

His in-game outfit is quite detailed and gorgeous, complementing his signature, seemingly cursed glowing blue eyes. While the Apex Legends Obi is great, it does little to reveal how this brand new character will play in the upcoming 10th season. 

Fortunately, the Apex Legends site does give us some further details, noting that he has microdrones and “an artist’s eye” at his disposal. Obi, or Seer as he will be known moving forward with his Apex name, can see “opportunities” that other legends will easily miss and takes control of them in the most “beautiful way he can.”

This does not quite reveal what Seer’s abilities will be. Still, we can mean that he will have a nice mix of the more robotic companions, a la Crypto and Lifeline with his mini drones, and some supernatural elements a la Wraith and others. 

The opportunities part, though, gives us some Loba vibes, so it will be interesting to see if he has a similar ability to pick something up or view something that other players cannot. We could even see a situation where he can view or track nearby players, similar to Bloodhound or the like.

Could Pariah Be the Same Person as Seer?

The previous Pariah leaks give us some hints about his possible final ability set as they showed a character that sounds somewhat like Seer. Pariah could technically be a different character, but data miners in the past seemed to think that the two were the same. 

Pariah’s leaked abilities include a passive that allows the player to see the enemy’s health bars while being immune to stunning effects and more. This certainly would let Seer players see something that others cannot, which fits the bill. 

The other main abilities of the Pariah character included a sonar grenade that could reveal enemies in an area and last for around 15 seconds. From there, we have an ultimate that forces Pariah to stay still while they release steam that deals damage to all enemies caught in it. 

These abilities do sound somewhat like Seer, but we imagine that if this is his ability kit, much of it has changed. There is a lack of drones mentioned, so we could see either the tactical or the ultimate reshaped to include drones instead of grenades or something like that. 

Hopefully, this ability kit is true, though, as Seer could become a valuable recon/scout character in the future. We should find out more about his abilities soon, though, as Apex Legends Season 10 will launch with Obi/Seer as the new legend in early August. 


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