Respawn Reduces XP Needed for Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 6th 2020

It is fairly often that we will see battle royale and other online multiplayer games receive extra experience weekends to help players progress through the battle pass. But it isn’t often that we see the overall XP reduced for a game but such has happened for the Apex Legends season 7 battle pass.

Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass Was Problematic

As you likely already know, the seventh season of battle royale launched in Apex Legends this week and quickly became one of the biggest and best seasons to date. Well, that is if you can ignore the overwhelming amount of XP that is required to progress through this season’s battle pass.

The battle pass is the single most important piece of the progression system in a battle royale game as it is the thing that gets players to keep coming back, trying to grind through the tiers and earn all of the various rewards that are being offered for only those couple of months.

This is what gets players to spend the money on the pass every season so that they can keep coming back, doing more battle royale matches, and earning the awesome skins and other rewards for their favorite characters. So, it really sucks when a developer messes up the battle pass.

Such is the case that happened this week with how much experience that is needed for the Apex Legends season 7 battle pass. It is an overwhelming amount to the point where forum threads, social media, and videos filled the community with disdain for the whole situation.

Respawn Quickly Responded to the Feedback

After all, it really took a lot of grinding to get just about any of the challenges done this week in the first week of the new season and it only got worse when you brought into account the fact that the actual experience needed for progressing through the tiers is a lot.

As such, Respawn Entertainment has officially announced changes to it that are effective immediately. The Apex Legends season 7 battle pass will no longer require the insane amount of XP that was necessary to reach the next tier and it should be about half of what it was before.

At the start of the new season this week, the battle pass was changed completely to allow for a new way of handling things. Instead of how the battle pass was before where it focused on players collecting points, it switched to a stars system that is much more simple.

For each tier that you do in the season, you are going to need 10 stars for progressing to the next one. On its own, that doesn’t sound like a lot but to get a single star, you need to achieve a ton of experience or, otherwise, do the normal weekly challenges.

XP for Each Tier Is Now Half What It Was

The problem with this is that each individual star requires 10,000 experience, making for a whopping 100,000 XP that you need to reach only the next tier in the battle pass. That number has since been halved to where you only need 5,000 XP per star now for a total of 50,000 XP per tier.

This is a huge change that is in direct response to the fact that many in the community hated how grindy the game had become with the new season. You really had to do a lot of matches and do really well in them to even get a couple of tiers further in the pass in season 7.

This was problematic since this made this season a lot harder to reach the max tier level before time runs out on it. Fortunately, the other solution that players had was to do the various weekly challenges that are available in season 7.

These are great since every single challenge that you do this season is guaranteed to give you one to five stars upon completion, which is a fair amount that will get you well on your way to the next tier. But even the weekly challenges were an issue for players as well.

Changes Are Also Coming for Weekly Challenges

They also emphasized the grindy nature of the whole season thus far by taking a good bit of time to actually complete every single one of them. Thankfully, Respawn also announced in the same tweet that the developer is making it so that weekly challenges are going to be better moving forward.

Starting next week, the weekly challenges will take much less time to complete overall and to get your stars reward. This is great news but it also means that you will have to wait until next week to actually begin seeing any change with the weekly missions.

This also means that the weekly missions from this week will likely stay exactly the same as they have been so completing them for their rewards will still remain a grind. But if you can ignore them or finish them off, you should find that the missions for the rest of the season will be much better.

While it is good that the developer is quickly responding to the feedback from the community and is changing the problem, there are still some fans who are disappointed with this method. The original tweet is filled with comments from players that say that this is still not enough.

There is even one particularly viral comment about the post that states that this was possibly done on purpose by the developer. That is speculation for now but, regardless, it could be the case where the XP is still too much this season so stay tuned as this issue might not be over and done with just yet.


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