Respawn Disagrees With Itself About the Possibility of Titanfall 3

by in General | Sep, 23rd 2021

The Titanfall series has been the topic of many issues lately, such as the fact that the existing games in the series are seemingly broken when it comes to the online multiplayer or the fact that Respawn employees have stated that Titanfall 3 is not going to happen in the near future. 

Titanfall 3 Is Not Quite Dead Yet

However, it looks like that last part is something that is being stepped back as developer Respawn Entertainment has officially teased the possibility that we could see the return of the Titanfall series in the future. More specifically, that we could even have a Titanfall 3 someday. Respawn tweeted out last night randomly that “contrary to what some folks are reporting, Titanfall is the very core” of the DNA of what makes the developer who it is. As such, it teased that “who knows what the future holds” and left it there with little else given in the tweet. 

However, the tweet had a purpose and it was there to reassure fans that the Titanfall series is not forgotten about and that there could be a Titanfall 3 someday. In the end, though, it does seem like this random tweet is a direct response to one of Respawn’s own employees and what was said about the series then. 

Respawn’s Tweet Was in Response to an Employee’s Comments

Recently, the community coordinator at Respawn, Jason Garza, recently gave some thoughts to the community that revealed that we would not be getting a Titanfall 3 for quite some time. During a recent livestream, Garza noted about the future of the series and it was not that positive at all. Garza noted that, at this time, there is nothing that is being worked on for Titanfall at Respawn, dashing the hopes of fans of the series in the process. The reason why the developer was seemingly not working on a Titanfall 3 or anything else in the series has to do with its current pipeline. 

At this time, Garza stated that there is nothing in the Titanfall series right now at the developer because of the other games that the studio is currently working on. Because they are working on so many games right now, there is just too much happening for Titanfall to find its way into the schedule. 

Respawn Is Likely Working on Quite a Few Games

From a glance, this statement from the studio’s community coordinator made a lot of sense at the time it was made since Respawn has its hands full right now with Apex Legends that continues to be a juggernaut in the battle royale genre and leading the group of games as potentially the best around. Then there is the fact that the studio does work on multiple projects at once, but it is likely that the other project that it is working on is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order 2 or whatever it will be called. There are even rumors of other IPs or new games entirely that are being worked on there, making it seem like Respawn is quite busy. 

Considering, too, that Respawn is a company that is trying its best to combat forced crunch, there is only so much time in the day to get something done and only so many employees who can do it. As such, it does make sense that a Titanfall 3 would not be worked on. However, Garza was quick to note in the livestream that the hacking issues with Titanfall 2’s multiplayer are still being worked on for now, so there is that at least. But in terms of the future of the series, it looked like Garza was stating that the studio is just too busy to focus on it. 

Why Would Respawn Contradict Its Own Employee?

However, the recent tweet from Respawn is in direct contradiction to that, seemingly stating that the Titanfall series is not dead and that we could see something else in the future. It really is quite interesting to see a developer go against what one of its employees has said, and paints an interesting picture there. Why would the community coordinator state something that the studio as a whole feels that it has to publicly comment on to state otherwise? That is an intriguing development that could point to a few different possible scenarios that are going on at this time. 

For one, there is the possibility that it is exactly as it sounds and that Garza believes that nothing is being worked on for the series right now, but perhaps Respawn is planning something in the future and does not want to have it seem like the dream of Titanfall 3 is totally dead. There could even be something in the pre-planning stages right now with only a couple of people working on it at this time. However, I do think that the chances of that being the case are rather slim, simply because Respawn is working on so many different titles right now. 

The other main possibility that I could see is that Respawn has seen the response surrounding the comments from Garza and is trying to play damage control by reassuring fans that the Titanfall series is not yet dead. This could have even been a quick decision with nothing actually in the works right now. It would make sense, too, with the way that the tweet was formed, making it extremely vague and just kind of there to respond to the situation and nothing else. Do I think that we will get a Titanfall 3? I think we will and it will be the last real opportunity for the series to stick. 

In fact, I would argue that we do need to see Titanfall 3 in some form since Apex Legends blew up in popularity. Similar to Warzone and the Call of Duty series, this is the chance for Titanfall to return and possibly be the mainline series counterpart to Apex Legends that is ongoing. 


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