Respawn Blocks Use of Valkyrie in Firing Range Due to Glitch

by in Apex Legends | May, 13th 2021

Respawn entertainment recently blocked the use of their new character in Apex Legends due to a glitch in the Firing Range mode of the game. While the character Valkyrie can still be used in other modes of the game, such as Arena and Battle Royale, she is blocked specifically in the Firing Range due to a glitch that lets players count their stats without any resistance.

The Glitch & It’s Removal

Found during the early weeks of Apex season three, players noticed that when playing as the character Valkyrie, using her ultimate ability in the Firing Range and then switch to another legend would cause the game to start counting stats for whatever legend the player was controlling. In turn, this led to a good number of players spending the majority of their game time inside the Firing Range grinding out the stats they wanted on any character, thanks to this oversight.

While it was unknown to much of the player base during the first few weeks of season 3, Respawn swiftly issued a temporary fix when they removed the ability to play Valkyrie in the firing range. Respawn then took to Twitter to notify players of Valkyrie’s removal from the mode, stating, “We’ve temporarily disabled Valkyrie within the firing range due to a stats-related exploit. This will not affect your ability to give her a spin in Arenas or Battle Royale though so have at it!”

While it appears that Valkyrie will be sitting on the sidelines when it comes to the Firing Range, respawn has yet to let players know when she will make her return. However, Valkyrie’s removal from firing range is a short-term fix to a problem that could seriously hurt the overall meta and statistics of players in Apex Legends. Hopefully, this glitch will be patched, but for now, her removal is a deterrent for any player who’s looking to try and increase their statistics for their game.


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