Respawn and Rockstar Are Hiring for New IPs

by in General | May, 4th 2021

Respawn and Rockstar are opening their doors to the job market once again as they put out some new job listings, and this time it looks like they’re hiring developers to help work on new IPs.

With a New IP Comes New Ideas

It’s not hard to see Respawn and Rockstar as developers to be reckoned with. When it comes to first-person shooters, look no farther than Titanfall and Apex Legends. When it comes to third-person action-adventure titles, Respawn has that covered with the critically-acclaimed Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, and Rockstar has just about every title in their library to back up their prestige. But according to EA’s website, it looks like their hiring for a new intellectual property, or IP for short. This sparks speculation upon what could and could not come out of the job, but according to the description, this is what to expect, “We are looking for a Software Engineer to join a compact incubation team currently developing a brand new IP.” As For Rockstar, they’re looking for someone with “competent gaming ability” in the UK area to test new content.

With that phrasing, we can discern a few things. For one, the job listing makes clear Respawn is making a new IP, so that means that it’s not Titanfall 3, or anything that has to do with Apex Legends or Star Wars. It’s going to be a whole new title for the company. For Rockstar, whatever this developer is asking the potential candidate to test, it could be anything. Whether or not that is the rumored Bully 2, or just new content for GTA Online, is up for debate.

However, what is certain is that they are hiring, and that means that whatever is coming down the pipeline for both developers could be coming in the near future. For Respawn, whatever IP they’re making could be 2 to 3 years down the line. Regardless, like in many game communities, people love to speculate.

But for those who want the truth, they’ll either have to be knowledgeable in C++ or live in the UK and be a competent game player, as the truth is in the jobs. That is if those people are hired in for the positions.

For now, regular people like us will have to wait for the reveal of whatever Rockstar and Respawn are working on. However, the thought of something new coming from the two esteemed developers is certainly thrilling to think about.


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