Resident Evil 7 Becomes Second Best Selling Capcom Game After Passing 10 Million Sales

by in General | Oct, 13th 2021

It seems that Capcom has been on a roll with sales of their titles. Game’s like Monster Hunter Rise have sold over 7.5 Million despite only being on the Nintendo Switch, and players are clamoring for more. However, one of their previous titles managed to make a splash of its own 5 years after the launch of the game. The title? Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The Resident Evil series is a tricky series, starting off as a fixed camera angle game where players were fighting zombies and mutant creatures, the game slowly developed turning from its tank-based controls into a 3rd person tank-style game. However, the game then evolved again, becoming a proper third-person shooter, trading its horror for action. However, the game seemed to have hit a fork in the road, with the series becoming increasingly action-oriented, the series was losing steam, as fans were clamoring for a fresh, and scary take on the series. 

The Resident Evil Game We All Wanted

Capcom obliged, and gave fans Resident Evil 7. Launching on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game traded its third-person perspective for a full-on first-person perspective. Putting players right into the horror. This could have possibly come from a trend of Independent horror titles focusing on that same camera angle, with games like Outlast, Layers of Fear, and Slender, being some of the more important games to influence the survival horror genre. 

Capcom decided to give this a shot, and put some of their characters to the wayside, introducing a new cast of characters. Ethan Winters became the new protagonist, where he traveled to the Louisiana bayou to find his missing wife Mia. However, even though he finds her, she’s being held captive by the Baker Family. A family of people who has been corrupted by a new biological weapon, the Mold, and turned into bloodthirsty monsters. Ethan is then forced to fight his way through the baker manor, taking out every one of the Bakers to save his wife, and make it out alive. 

However, it’s not going to be easy, and players will have to look around to make sure they’re not being followed. The idea of one of the antagonists constantly looking for the character is one of the driving factors that made the game stand out, and for players of the game on PlayStation, if they were fortunate, or unfortunate enough to own a PlayStation VR, they were able to survive the horrors of the Baker mansion in full Virtual Reality. 

Another thing that made the game stand out is the introduction of a new engine. The RE engine. While it’s not named after Resident Evil, its capabilities were able to show off some of the most detailed versions of characters in gaming. After Resident Evil 7, the engine started being used in other titles as well, from Devil May Cry 5 to Monster Hunter Rise [Link the Monster Hunter Rise Article I Wrote Earlier here], Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake, and Resident Evil Village.

Capcom has a winner on its hands, and with the game being a part of the PlayStation Plus collection, it’s no surprise that it’s being held in such high regard. With the game pushing 10 Million Sales and Shipments in 5 years, it’s only a matter of time before Resident Evil Village pulls those numbers as well, and with the decision of the story already being decided in the game, there’s going to be more Resident Evil in the future.


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