Resident Evil 4 VR Has been “Modified” for a Modern Audience

by in General | Oct, 23rd 2021

Gamers in this day and age live within a cycle of reboots, remakes, and ports. From the introduction of the GTA Remastered Trilogy to ports of God of War to Shadow of the Colossus being made for PS4. There’s no shortage of older titles coming to more powerful consoles with a new coat of paint. While it may be tiresome, something that a lot of fans will be more than happy to purchase again is a proper VR Port of some titles. Games like Doom 3 being ported to the PlayStation VR have gotten players to pick up titles that they wouldn’t otherwise. One of the games to make the jump to VR now is Resident Evil 4, a title that’s been so unanimously loved by fans and critics that since its launch on the GameCube, every subsequent console after that has had some iteration of the game. Now, just in time for Halloween this year, Resident Evil 4 has been reworked for VR. And while the game looks and plays fantastic according to Quest 2 Users, it’s missing some dialogue that’s put the game at a detriment for hardcore fans of the title. 

Resident Evil 4 Has been Censored

Facebook has opted to remove some of the dialogue in the game, and with Resident Evil 4 being one of gaming’s horror classics, fans have taken notice. 

The Majority of the removals from the game are dialogue focused between Leon and Ingrid, mostly just harmless flirting between two coworkers Facebook saw as reason enough to remove. The other removals from the game are a comment the character Luis makes at Ashley upon first meeting her, this suggestive comment calling Ashley’s chest “ballistics” has also been removed from the game. Another removal from the title is that if the camera attempts to see up Ashley’s skirt, she’ll yell at the player and cover herself. 

The radio communications between Ingrid and Leon have been replaced with Static, and the comment Luis makes to Ashely has been skipped, making Ashley get angry at Luis for no reason. For the Vr players trying to Peep at Ashley, the animation she does to scold the player, as well as the accompanying audio has also been removed. 

A Facebook representative told Eurogamer, “Oculus Studios, Armature, and Capcom partnered closely to remaster Resident Evil 4 from the ground up for VR,” a Facebook spokesperson told Eurogamer today. “This includes immersive environments and high-resolution graphics. It also includes select changes to in-game dialogue and animations that we believe will update Resident Evil 4 for a modern audience.”

On top of the content removed from the original campaign, all other content from resident evil, like the secondary campaigns and modes, have been removed from the game as well, with the only content included in the VR version of Resident Evil 4 being the main game, and nothing else. 

This has caught the ire of fans of the title, seeing that they were excited to play the game from a whole new perspective. While it may seem like the developers have good intentions with their editing of the game, only two years ago did Resident Evil 4 make its way onto Nintendo Switch, with all of the cut content still included in the game.

Fan Reception of the Changes

Removing content from titles that are older based on the reasoning of “updating them for a modern audience” isn’t going to sit well with players, especially those who have played the game multiple times after its launch in 2005, and with every port of the game still keeping these moments that were removed in the title. 

Players who were excited about the title have now taken to Twitter to voice their opinions on this title that’s been held so near and dear to their hearts.

Twitter user @rayforcegame commented on the issue saying “These kind of repeated statement made me dislike to the term “update for modern audience”.I think in this case,”a modern audience” means just a tiny people. Not the majority of modern audience.”

Another user @super_top_keko said this in response to the revelation of the cut content “So tons of gore, decapitations, body horror, torture, mutilation and gory explosions = good But “I thought you’d be older” and BALLISTICS = bad?

The root of the issue doesn’t just lie in the fact that the content has been removed from the title. It goes much deeper than that. The root of the issue is “after being ported so many times, why is it removed now?”

Being that Resident Evil 4 has been on every single console since its launch, including having the game on iOS devices, why is the game only now having content removed for “a modern audience”? This makes the removal seem less like they’re adapting it for a modern audience, and more like they’re attempting to censor the game to make it politically correct. 

Some of the removals make the game feel like it’s going in the opposite direction of the intentions of the developer. Removing the audio and animation when Leon attempts to peek at Ashley could be considered more sexual by comparison, where Ashley scolds Leon in the normal version of the game. On top of this, the flirting shared by Leon and Ingrid isn’t done to objectify or humiliate Ingrid, the intention by Capcom is that Leon is interested in the character. 

While many fans may wonder why they’re removing lines from a game that has had no edits in the title until this new version, the VR version of the game runs in Unreal Engine 4. This means that players are going to be able to modify the entire game if it comes to PC, knowing Oculus, there’s a chance that the port will come to PC seeing that the title is also owned by Capcom, as well as Oculus putting other VR titles like Population One on the Steam Storefront. 

There’s a very good chance that the game will be modified to include all the missing content from the official version of the game, something that players have done with other VR titles, like Myst. That title was originally an Oculus Exclusive, and when it launched on PC, many fans were upset with the replacement cutscenes for the game, wanting the normal Full Motion Videos back in the title, they modified the game to include it themselves, which was then made official by Cyan. 

While the severity of both of the issues isn’t the same, the concept behind the decision to modify the game as such is. Players want the full and original experience in VR, they want to preserve the vision the same as any other piece of work in a medium, even if the content included in the game is something that some consumers would consider “unwelcome” in the current state of society, removing content from media isn’t going to rewrite history, especially since there are over 10 Other versions of the game that include the content that’s been cut from the VR version of the title. 


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