Resident Evil 2 and 3’s Remake is getting a VR Mod, and It Looks Fantastic

by in General | Nov, 9th 2021

Mods for games are always something fun for players who like to revisit their older titles. Modifying games can add all manner of new content, from maps to new campaigns, to new ways to experience players’ favorite titles. However, some Mods will fundamentally change the way that players can experience their favorite games. One of these mods is the VR Mod for Resident Evil.

Where is VR in 2021?

VR isn’t in its infancy anymore, but there’s one thing plaguing the world of Virtual Reality, and this is the fact that plenty of VR users don’t have enough content to keep themselves busy, especially now. There’s been a drought of VR titles as of late. With the lack of substantial VR games coming to the platforms, players are finding it harder to keep their headsets from gathering dust. This is where the concept of VR ports comes in. The idea is that older games get ported to VR Headsets to allow a whole new way to experience the world of games beforehand. However, not a lot of company’s are wanting to pursue the opportunities of VR Ports. This is where Vr Mods come in, players who are a little more tech-savvy can find ways to make some earlier titles work on Headsets, and this has opened the floodgates for players who want to be able to play their favorite titles again, but with a whole new perspective. 

Some games have already been modded to include VR Mods from other independent developers. Risk of Rain 2 has gotten a VR mod that allows the player to play the entire game in VR. With full mod support for the title, some modded characters even come with special VR Huds as well, such as the Samus Mod, which includes a Metroid Prime Hud which will be in view for the player to see in the game. 

Another game modded to VR was Doom 3. Known as Doom 3 Fully Possessed, players are able to play the entirety of Doom 3 in VR on PC, complete with motion controls, allowing the player to aim and fire the weapons in the game without having to resort to a controller. The only Drawback for the title is that players aren’t going to be able to reload the weapons with motions, however, the gun’s reloading animation will be played instead, having the magazine float through the air.

Moving from one Horror game to another, Resident Evil Recently got its 4th installment ported to VR through the Oculus Quest 2. However, this haunting version of the game has not only been censored, but it’s also not available on any other VR device at the moment. Although that doesn’t mean that players aren’t going to be able to enjoy Resident Evil if they don’t have an Oculus. 

Resident Evil 2 and 3 VR Mod

Enter the modder known as Praydog. This developer has been working on something interesting for Resident Evil’s Remake of their 2nd and 3rd games. The mod in question is giving the player the ability to play through the entire game in Virtual Reality. Complete with Motion controls the game has become more of an immersive experience than the VR version of Resident Evil 7 that was a PSVR exclusive. 

As of now, the game is fully playable in VR, however, some things in the game aren’t fully complete, for example. Some of the hacking sections during Ada Wong’s part of Leon’s story aren’t working as they should be. Some cutscenes are also somewhat broken as well. While the game does utilize motion controls, the models for the characters aren’t built for this type of thing. So the player twisting their wrist is going to have the first-person models act in a way that’s not going to look natural in the game. Another thing to mention is that the game doesn’t include manual reloading at all, so the player will have to push a button, and let the weapon fly around while it reloads itself.  

Even though the mod is filled with issues and is unfinished, it’s still in a playable state, with players starting to get their hands on it. However, most of the videos discussing the mod are shown on the channel of Brian Tate, someone who’s working with Praydog to test the mod while it’s being developed. There’s also a way to get into contact with the community for the mod as well. Attached is the description of Brian’s videos showing off the mod for the game, there’s a link to the Flatscreen to VR Discord, which is home to a handful of porting projects, all with the goal of putting games in VR. Some of the bigger projects on the discord include games such as Valheim, GTFO, Breath of the Wild, Subnautica, Firewatch, Mechwarrior 5, and more. 

With all of these modders working on mods to enhance their favorite titles into a new perspective, there’s a good chance that players are going to have a good reason to dust off their VR Headsets and return to some of their favorite game worlds with a whole new perspective.


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