Reddit User Releases Impressive Apex Legends Deja Loot Armor Map

by in Apex Legends | Mar, 4th 2020

The Apex Legends System Override collection event is going on right now as the first major event to happen in Season 4. This new limited-time event is an exciting one for multiple reasons from the new items that you can collect to the long-awaited return of the original battle royale map Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends Deja Loot Changes How Loot Works

The original Kings Canyon map is coming back as part of the event’s new game mode: Apex Legends Deja Loot. The new game mode doesn’t add any significant twists on how to win a battle royale match, but it does change up one rule.

The rule has to do with the loot system in the game type. Typically, players must go to their favorite locations for taking on other players and hope good loot is there. Or, players can head to guaranteed spots on the map. But then you must deal with a ton of players also heading there.

Handling things this way creates issues. Everything (at least at the start of the match) is predicated on luck and happenstance. In one match, you might stumble upon a purple shield before anyone else and end up with the defense enough to fight back.

But in another match, that same spot might give a useless pistol. You can’t withstand tons of players who also land there. If you had this problem with the game, you will like the new Apex Legends Deja Loot game mode.

In the case of Deja Loot, you don’t have to worry about randomized loot. The loot locations are the same for the entire event. If you find a gold shield armor in one spot, it will be there in the next match or the 10th in the game mode.

However, the plane path and storm circles for the various matches you do changes. They change each day, so for at least 24 hours, you can predict those, too. But during the two-week event, you can predict the loot selection no matter what.

Reddit User Creates Deja Loot Armor Map

Of course, it takes memorization and experimentation to find out the best spots to find loot. Thankfully, Reddit users have done the work for you with an Apex Legends Deja Loot armor map.

Created by Reddit user Skovosity, the almost complete map is getting updated as more locations are discovered. Though it doesn’t focus on the common or blue armor, it does show the locations of all the purple, gold, and new Evo Shield armor sets.

The map shows the normal World’s Edge map in Season 4 with all its changes, with red, purple, and gold marks in different places. If there is a purple mark in a spot, an epic armor will be there, gold, and so on.

The red marks indicate the new Evo Shields added to the game with this event as well. For now, they are exclusive to the new Apex Legends Deja Loot game type. However, they could become a permanent addition in the future if fans like them enough.

Evo Shields and Best Locations Explained

The evolving shields change over time in the match as you get more damage and kills on enemies. They start lame at less than the common shields that you can get. However, they quickly become better than the purple shields in the game.

The red marks note them. According to the Apex Legends Deja Loot armor map, you will find a lot of them in World’s Edge during the event. Each of the main named locations has at least one Evo Shield, some of them might have more.

Places like the new and familiar locations of Fragment East and West, Overlook, Lava Fissure, and a few others are especially excellent for finding good armor loot. There is also the area that spans both the Train Yard and Harvester and the area in between that is exceptional, too.

At the same time, Mirage Voyage and The Dome are some bad spots for loot. They seem only to have a little bit of awesome armor loot. With this map, you can plan and select the locations you want to visit at the start of each match.

Warning for Visiting Popular Locations

But there is a downside to this excellent map. The problem is that other players also know the locations of these items. They might be heading there, too. If you want to visit some of these popular locations, we recommend coming prepared for a fight while also trying to get there first.

Also, the map does look like it might not be complete at this time. Some of the southern named locations like the Tree and Thermal Station are still blank at the time of publishing this. Possibly, the Reddit user and the slew of contributors have yet to check it out enough.

Finally, keep in mind that this map only applies to this event and the Deja Loot mode as other modes are still randomized.


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