Red Bull’s SoloQ LoL Tournament Announces Upcoming Leaderboard Activation

by in League of Legends | Sep, 1st 2020

No matter what rank you are in League of Legends, you can join in on Red Bull’s SoloQ tournament, but we need something more – bragging rights! How can you know where you stand, without a leaderboard? That’s one of the most important things, after all. So the Red Bull SoloQ Leaderboard is live, and will be available through September 20th! 

Drink Red Bull, Access the Leaderboard

The Red Bull SoloQ event is the ultimate 1v1 League of Legends tournament, and thousands can enter across the United States and Canada. This coming Sunday, amateur players who competed in the first online qualifier will be able to try for a spot in their respective finals (US or Canada Finals).  If players don’t make the initial cut, it’s not the end! Not at all, because there’s a second shot at their National Finals.

What’s the secret? How can you try to get back in on the action? By reaching #1 on the Leaderboard! All you have to do is acquire a Red Bull Solo Q Limited Edition can. We use acquire because someone could get it for you, or you could get it for free. You don’t necessarily have to purchase it. Each of these special, limited edition Alistar and Yasuo Red Bull SoloQ cans have a code that lets you unlock the leaderboard.

This will put immediately put you into the competition, and also give you a unique Summoner Icon. As far as the leaderboard goes for Red Bull SoloQ, it will reset every two weeks, so players have several chances to get a spot in the National Finals. Thankfully these cans are going to be available at retailers nationwide. It should not be difficult to get one. The first leaderboard ends on September 20th, and here are the remaining ones.

Leaderboard Resets

  • Leaderboard 2: September 21 – October 4
  • Leaderboard 3: October 5 – October 18
  • Leaderboard 4: October 19 – November 1

We here at Esports Talk love the idea of Red Bull SoloQ. Typically, League of Legends is a 5v5, but one of the big takeaways from the ranked ladder is “Who is the best?” Your average jungler, marksman, top, and mid think they’re the carry, and responsible for 100% of the success of your ranked matches. However, support players know who really is doing the heavy lifting.

For those of you who missed the initial announcement, Red Bull SoloQ will settle the score once and for all, revealing who is the best 1v1 player. Amateur players will do battle in the Summoner’s Rift Top Lane. Here are the winning conditions:

  • The first player to score two kills in under seven minutes
  • One kill after seven minutes.
  • Destroy the opposing player’s outer t turret
  • Achieve 100-minion creep scored first.

What a wild tournament this is going to be! We can’t wait to see who comes out on top! More importantly, we want to see some wild picks! Let’s see some tanks and supports coming to the top of the leaderboard! For further details, check out the official Red Bull SoloQ page.


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