Red Bull Unveils University Esports Tournament Campus Clutch

by in Collegiate Esports | Feb, 9th 2021

Red Bull Campus Clutch is going to be the Worlds Biggest University VALORANT competition. As Valorant is one of the newest phenomena in esports, there’s no better time to look at potential esports competitions. If you’re a University student in the United States, you can sign up now! The qualifiers will take place from March 5th through April 18th across more than 100 universities and colleges. This is such a huge event, and we can’t wait to see what colleges come out on top, and the stakes are high.

Red Bull + Valorant = A Winning Combo

If you’re an American Valorant player in college, and you’re 18+ years of age, you can sign up via this link. You need to round up a team of friends to help you compete, and you must be all at the same university. This is a good, smart idea. You don’t want people calling up ringers that aren’t even in school or are at another university. The idea is that you’re going to represent your college, and prove their skill in esports.

“We’re incredibly excited to see Red Bull establish and help support VALORANT in the collegiate and amateur space,” says Chris Greeley, Director of Esports at Riot Games. “Our collective investment in amateur talent, both in what’s to come from Riot and through Red Bull’s commitment, is important for the future of esports and I’m looking forward to seeing which team will represent the U.S. in the world finals.”

The teams that make it through the qualifiers will move on to the Regional Semi-Finals. Those who do not have a qualifier aren’t out of luck though. There are also the four National Wild Card Qualifiers. If your team wins in the Regional Semi-Finals and Wild Card Qualifiers head to the National Finals. Only the best of the best will make it this far in the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament.

The best Valorant team in the country will then head to the World Final, and the greatest university Valorant team will be crowned. This is going to be an absolutely titanic event, and we have to know where the best Valorant team lies.

Red Bull Campus Clutch Could Be A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

What does the winning team take home? The winning team of the US National Final has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete at the World’s Final and have a shot at 24,000 dollars. They also have a chance at securing a cutting-edge gaming hub for their university. There are so many schools that will benefit from that, that’s for sure. Valorant is still getting started but is one of the fastest-growing, most talked about games of the last year. Valorant broke the “single-day hours watched record in a single game category) with 34 million hours, according to Twitch. Another plus is this is a great starting point for university esports. These teams can come together and really make a name for themselves on the International stage. It could do a lot to make a name for a school and the players representing them. The Red Bull Campus Clutch event is going to be a massive event, and with Red Bull’s name on it, you know it will be high-quality, and non-stop action.


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