Razer Leaks Personal Info of 100,000 Gamers in Data Breach

by in General | Sep, 16th 2020

Hardware manufacturer Razer landed itself in hot water over the weekend when it became public knowledge that over 100,000 customers had their data leaked in a massive security loophole that they took weeks to fix.

We know about the vulnerability thanks to security researcher Volodymyr “Bob” Diachenko, who discovered a misconfigured Elasticsearch cluster owned by Razer. This loophole exposed customers’ personal identifiable information or PII.

The cluster includes records of customer orders, including products purchased, email, physical address, phone number, etc. The Razer data breach did not include credit card numbers, but it was indexed by search engines, meaning this was a massive invasion of privacy for Razer’s customers.

According to the researcher, this data breach was reported three weeks ago and then bounced around Razer’s notoriously bad support system before being patched up.

Razer Tries to Save Face


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