The Razer Invitational Comes to North America for 2021

by in General | Apr, 20th 2021

Not too long ago, we spoke to Khang Tai about the Razer Invitational, and now we’re proud to announce it’s coming to North America! This is the first Razer Invitational to come to North America and feature games like Fortnite, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Brawl Stars. Each game will have a $10k prize pool for the players as well. Perhaps the best part of all, any player who wants to test their skill can enter, ensuring that esports is truly for everyone. Many players feel there is a barrier to getting into esports. Events that make it easier for people to test their mettle are never a bad thing. This could be a great move for a player to get their name out there.

Registration Begins, Qualifiers in May

The Razer Invitational North America boasts that it’s the largest regional online esports tournament for North America. Given that it’s open to all competitors, anyone in gaming who wants to try, that’s a safe bet. You can sign up here. On May 8, the tournament qualifiers will begin for the Razer Invitational North America. We’re glad to see this tournament series come to the North America region in 2021.

Players and fans alike can look forward to three weeklong tournaments in May and June. During these weeks, esports stars who qualify can compete in a different title each week. Fortnite (PC, Console, Mobile), Rainbow Six: Siege (PC), and Brawl Stars (Mobile) await with a total prize pool of $30k. Each week will have open qualifier matches that lead into a playoff phase and a grand finale on that Sunday. Since anyone can enter, anyone has a chance to make a name for themselves. There’s stuff for fans, too, though!

“Razer Invitational was founded on the simple idea of creating a pure and competitive platform where every athlete has a chance to compete regardless of their in-game rank, their sponsorship status, or their team affiliations,” said Khang Thai, senior global esports lead at Razer. “It has now grown into a global phenomenon that represents inclusivity within the esports community. After a very successful Season 2020, we continue our vision for esports with an even bigger Season 2021, making competitive tournament play accessible to everyone around the world and cultivating the next generation of esports athletes.”

Gamers who want to watch will have opportunities to win prizes from the tournament sponsors by tuning in during the weekly tournaments. The tournament will be available to watch on YouTubeTwitch, and Facebook. The Razer Invitational continues to be the most inclusive event in esports as it comes to North America. This isn’t going to end here either. Razer has confirmed that the Invitational will expand to new regions to provide opportunities to esports talent worldwide. 


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