Raptors Finally Come to Fortnite Season 6: Where to Find Them

by in Fortnite | Mar, 30th 2021

One of the most exciting releases in Fortnite Season 6 has arrived. The wildlife on the island has expanded this season with the first post-season launch of new creatures. None other than the Fortnite raptors that players have wanted for so long in the battle royale game. 

Fortnite Raptors Arrive After Many Leaks and Rumors

After many leaks and rumors pointing towards the upcoming release of the Fortnite raptors, they are finally here in Season 6. They are the latest creature to join the battle royale game’s wildlife, and this is honestly no surprise given how much we heard about before this. 

For one, it seems that raptors have been rumored and possibly even leaked for Fortnite battle royale for a long time now. At the very least, the community has wanted dinosaurs of some kind in Fortnite since even the first chapter of the game, and they are finally here in this form. 

We knew that it was imminent, though, due to the theme of the current Season 6. With the Primal theme and wildlife now officially on the island for you to hunt and/or tame, there were more leaks that the Fortnite raptors would be coming, especially since their eggs appeared already. 

Now the Fortnite raptors are here and join the wolves, boars, chickens, and frogs already in the game. They are the apex predator on the island at this time and roam around in pairs. Matchless compared to the other wildlife; they will be a force to be reckoned with if you take them on.

The raptors have a very distinct and unique look in Fortnite, sporting a mostly green body with some red accents throughout, like in the feathers around its head and arms. They are both menacing and beautiful to look at in the game. 

Where to Find the Raptors

Of course, just knowing about the Fortnite raptors is only half of the story. You will likely want to know where to find them and are not found everywhere on the Season 6 island. Like much of the wildlife in this Primal season, they are found typically in random places. 

It is still so early on with the Fortnite raptors’ release that it is hard to tell where exactly are the best places to find them at this time. In general, though, we do have some tips for locations where you may be able to find the raptors on your journey. 

They are some of the most elusive creatures on the island and have taken me, personally, a good bit of time to find them today upon the release of them. As such, though, some general places are best for searching for new creatures. 

For one, there are the spots where the dinosaur eggs were previously found on the island. They are likely to spawn near one or more of these egg locations at the start of a match. But in the end, though, everything is still so random when it comes to these dinosaurs. 

As such, that might not be super reliable. But there are a couple of wild places where I have been able to find some raptors thus far. It takes some time, but I was able to find some at Weeping Woods and Stealthy Stronghold, two of the more wild named locations on the island currently. 

Weeping Woods, in particular, is likely a great spot since it is home to a ton of wildlife usually. The raptors can be found roaming around here in packs of two, so be sure to watch out for that. Furthermore, though, there is more to the raptors than just hunting them down like they’re mini NPC bosses.

How to Tame the Fortnite Raptors in Season 6

While they are great for animal materials like the other creatures on the island, there is more to them than just that. Like the wolves, you can tame these animals and have them join you in your journey towards getting that highly coveted victory royale. 

To do that, what you will need to do is gather up some animal meat or raw fish beforehand. It is very similar to how to tame the wolves in that you need to get some food first. You can get animal meat from the boars and wolves around the island and fish from, well, fishing. 

Once you have some meat in your inventory, try to find the Fortnite raptors and then throw the meat onto the ground. Like the other creatures, they will start to eat it up and be vulnerable in the process. At this point, approach the creature until you are close enough to interact with it, and you will tame the raptor. 

It will make it join your party and be a faithful companion for the rest of the battle royale match or until they are taken out. It is also likely that we will see a task like this focused on in one of the upcoming Season 6 weekly quests. 

If you don’t have meat on you, you could always use the special Hunter’s Cloak item to approach the raptor and tame it, but it is honestly much easier to find the animal meat or fish than it is to do this. The Hunter’s Cloak takes a good while to gather up all of the materials needed to craft it in the menus, so you are better off just fishing or hunting for a little while. 


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