Rapper Logic Retires From Music for 7-Figure Twitch Exclusivity Deal

by in Entertainment | Jul, 20th 2020

Rapper Robert “Logic” Bryson Hall II shocked the music industry by announcing his retirement from actively creating music to focus on Twitch streaming.

The exclusivity deal with Twitch, valued at a reported seven-figure deal, is one of the first of its kind for the Amazon-owned streaming giant. This continues their effort to secure celebrity streamers for their service and diversify their offerings beyond just gaming.

Logic Retires For a Deal Worth More Than $1 Million

“I think it’s a powerful platform that allows me to connect with my fans in the best way possible. And the safest way possible for someone in my position,” Logic told The Verge. “I’m not this rapper guy, man. I’m just a nerd. I love video games. I’m blessed enough to have millions of fans and followers. So, it is a great partnership. I’m going to bring new eyes to their service, they’re going to bring new money to my bank account.”

He’s not kidding about the amount of money he will be receiving for the deal, which Verge reports as being in the seven-figure range, meaning more than a million dollars. Twitch is no stranger to signing large streaming deals for popular figures, but Logic does represent one of Twitch’s highest-profile deals with a celebrity that isn’t homegrown on their platform to date.

Retirement Means Lower Music Production

While he announced his retirement from the music industry, he said he might eventually return to producing music.

“I announced my retirement from music because it came to a point where I felt forced like I had to do certain things,” he said. “And it’s not that the label made me feel that way. I was doing it to myself, because I’m such a businessman, and I was pushing myself to the brink of insanity.”

Many musicians, athletes, and other performers have announced their retirement in the past only to return even stronger. Perhaps the break without pressure is just what the performer needs to keep creating music. Surely, playing video games for his audience will be just that and still a way for him to remain relevant and make a substantial income from another source beyond just his music.

Logic’s Last LP Debuts on Twitch

Hall’s first partner stream will be on July 21 at 5 p.m. PST, where he will be premiering ‘No Pressure’ ahead of its release on July 24. This will be the first place in the world for any fan of Logic to hear the new release before it heads to other music streaming services. He also says that he’ll be primarily using Twitch to talk to his fans and not Twitter, so it’s one of the few places that Logic’s fans will be able to still interact with him.

“This is the place where if you want to interact with me, you’re going to do it here,” he says, implying that his Twitch will be a place to unwind. “I’m not going to be on Twitch, having political debates. I’m going to be on Twitch, helping people after they’ve had a day of protesting or political debates, unwind and laugh and smile. And if you want to know how I feel about the world, you listen to my music.”

For Twitch, this represents a big win as they continue to remain on top in the streaming world, with many pretenders to the throne having risen up and struck down at this point. Deals like this will only keep them there as they continue to innovate.


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