Randomly Gifted Warzone Skins Can Lead to Shadowbans

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 15th 2021

A new Operator skin has been popping up in some players’ inventors in Warzone, leading to shadowbans. It’s a blue skin and has a pretty awesome ninja-style mask. However, it’s one you can normally unlock it via in-game challenges. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that it’s showing up for people who haven’t necessarily earned it, leading to a Warzone skin creating shadowbans. Players who are using it without doing anything to unlock it sound like they’re being punished. There isn’t much worse in a game than being punished for not doing anything wrong.

If You See the Skin and Didn’t Earn It, Don’t Use It

Warzone is no stranger to bugs or glitches, but this one is just wild. If you have it, you’re safer just not using it for now. GorgoKnight on Twitter shows us the blue-camo skin and offered up a reasonable warning. “FYI for those of you who have obtained this suit don’t use it in-game for you will most likely get shadowbanned. It isn’t registered in the game and that’s what is leading people to get shadowbanned.”

We’ve seen all sorts of glitches in Warzone lately, like the return of the Demon Gun. There are accusations of a skin being pay-to-win, which can’t be good on top of that. If you’ve already unlocked the skin through completing the appropriate challenges, everything should be fine. But if you don’t, the game hasn’t registered that you should have it and shadowbans you for the skin in Warzone. 

It isn’t clear why people are randomly getting this skin, though. Some players are claiming they haven’t been shadowbanned, but others state that anyone using the Warzone skin can expect shadowbans in their future. If someone is punished for receiving a skin and using it, that should be reversed. It may be safer not to use it at all for the time being. 

If you haven’t unlocked something in general and see it in your inventory, it may be the smarter, safer thing to ignore it and never use it. That way, you can’t potentially be punished, even if it’s the game’s fault that it showed up in the first place. There’s no explanation why this is happening from Raven Software yet, either. It would be a shame for someone to get banned based on a glitch they didn’t even trigger. Right now, though, we recommend exercising caution.


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