Rakyz Banned on Twitch for Accidental Nudity

by in General | Jun, 8th 2021

The otherwise clean record of Thomas “Rakyz” Gonzalez has been shattered, now that he’s been banned for accidental nudity on Twitch. It’s his first ban. The former 9z mid-laner and Twitch streamer accidentally showed some sexual content on his stream, resulting in a ban. The weird thing about it is that, according to Rakyz himself, he was banned for the nudity a week after receiving a notification from Twitch. There would be no telling if he did something else to get a ban if it took a week to punish him.

Punishment a Week Later

It does seem strange that a punishment like this would come a week after the initial notification. While it’s not 100% clear what got him the ban, Rakyz did point out he wasn’t going to watch hot tubs anymore. Watching a hot tub streamer accidentally display nudity on stream could certainly lead him to get banned. After all, you’re responsible for what’s on your stream. It’s altogether likely that it was something in a clip or VOD of his.

It seems to be that Rakyz didn’t take it seriously and wound up banned. Sure, it’s just a day, but it’s the streamer’s very first ban. 

He had this to say about it, though the translation is rough. “They notify me that it is due to accidental nudity or explicit sexual content, I remember that one week ago, they saw something, and they notified me but then nothing. I do not know why it will be the ban, but one day of vacation, daddy plays wow.”

There’s no real idea what Rakyz did to get banned other than nudity or sexual content on the stream, but it sounds like he’s not going to do it again. There’s no sense in risking a solid career over watching someone else’s content mid-stream. That makes you responsible for everything they do, as long as it’s on your stream. 


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