Rainbow Six Team Rogue Punished for Possible Match-Fixing

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Sep, 28th 2020

We’re starting the week off with some shady nonsense, unfortunately. Today’s topic is Rainbow Six Siege match-fixing, with a pair of team Rogue members punished for accusations of match-fixing in the EU League. The unfortunate thing is, it doesn’t look like match-fixing that we see. It could genuinely be just two people chatting and one playing down their own skill/odds of winning. But it’s better to take this kind of thing very seriously so it doesn’t wind up leading to real match-fixing.

AceeZ and korey Suspended From Rainbow Six Siege

What exactly went down here? According to a report, it alleges that AceeZ and korey responded to messages that asked about the outcome of a forthcoming match. Both players were asked if they thought they would lose; both stated they thought Team Empire would win, and they (Rogue) would lose. It sounds like Rainbow Six Siege match-fixing pretty serious, even if the Rogue players’ conversation sounds innocuous enough.

What’s interesting is that according to the report, there’s an understanding that AceeZ doesn’t respond seriously to private messages about match outcomes, but there’s no concrete proof of this. Only AceeZ saw a ban. Lukas “korey” Zwingmann only saw an official warning from the Rainbow Six Circuit. This is because the person messaging AceeZ remarked betting against Rogue, whereas korey’s DM nothing of the sort.

That’s the problem here. Even if AceeZ wasn’t serious, it could certainly be construed that way. The smarter thing to do is never joke about match-fixing or match results. Sure, you could preface or end with that you’re joking/not serious, that’s not always going to help your cause. It all went down concerning a Rogue versus Team Empire match in Season 11 in April, where Rogue lost 7-5.

The result? Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz and Lukas “korey” Zwingmann were both punished. AceeZ was suspended for three days, and korey saw an official warning. Ubisoft also pointed out that Rogue would see a $5,000 dedication from any prize money earned in the Rainbow Six circuit.

Is this punishment a bridge too far? This writer doesn’t think so. After all, there’s no proof AceeZ isn’t trying to get away with match fixing in Rainbow Six Siege for Rogue, after all. Sure, it’s better to give the benefit of the doubt, but there’s so much cheating going on in esports right now. A three-game suspension’s far better than what could have come out of it.

The end of this isn’t that the Rainbow Six Siege judges think Rogue was trying to get away with match-fixing. It is more of a ruling on their professional behavior, it seems, and releasing insider information (saying what you think the outcome will be or saying you’re going to throw/lose). Don’t make jokes about match-fixing. That will cut things like this off at the pass quickly.

Is the punishment too much or not enough? We’d love to know what you think!


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