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As a bit of an underdog in the esports and gaming industry, Rainbow Six Siege has risen to become one of the most beloved tactical shooters ever. With an immensely passionate development team and a dedicated community, it has more than earned a spot amongst the greats. Join us here for information on the newest operators, balance changes, events, and all other Rainbow Six Siege news and updates.

Recent Rainbow Six Siege News

Jason Parker | May 27, 2021
Operation: North Star brings Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Defender, Thunderbird. This means we have a […]
Jason Parker | April 23, 2021
Though Parabellum’s R6 squad has qualified for the Six Invitational, Luiz has been banned, and […]
Jason Parker | March 30, 2021
If you’re having problems with latency in Rainbow Six Siege, Nvidia’s latest update should be […]
Jason Parker | March 25, 2021
Quality Resident Evil collaborations never stop, as Rainbow Six Siege now has a Jill Valentine […]
Pavo Jurkic | March 22, 2021
The Rainbow Six North American League Stage 1 is set to start on March 24th […]
Jason Parker | March 10, 2021
Estral Esports was on the way to qualifying for the R6 Invitational but sadly were […]
Jason Parker | March 1, 2021
This just in: G2’s Pengu has officially stepped down as an active player of the […]
Jason Parker | February 17, 2021
As Neon Dawn comes to an end, we won’t have to wait for the next […]
Pavo Jurkic | February 4, 2021
Earlier today, Ubisoft made an announcement regarding the upcoming Rainbow Six 2021 Six Invitational. Unfortunately, […]
Jason Parker | February 1, 2021
In competitive esports, one of the most important things is a uniform callout system. R6 Siege is […]
Jason Parker | January 28, 2021
That’s right, the void Tempo Storm left in the R6 Siege Pro League has been […]
Jason Parker | January 20, 2021
Usually, when we talk about cheaters in online games, it’s with a note of disgust […]
Jason Parker | January 5, 2021
Cheating never seems to end in online games. With each new generation of games and […]
Jason Parker | September 28, 2020
We’re starting the week off with some shady nonsense, unfortunately. Today’s topic is Rainbow Six […]
Jason Parker | September 15, 2020
DarkZero Esports has just opened the doors of their new 8,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom gaming house for […]