Rainbow Six Siege Teases New Operation Void Edge

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 12th 2020

It’s that time of year in the Rainbow Six Siege community. The Six Invitational 2020, the biggest tournament in the game, is making its yearly run in Montreal. The community is buzzing about what to expect as the game enters into its fifth season.

This past weekend, Ubisoft dropped a teaser for the next in-game content event, Operation Void Edge. Details for the event are currently scarce, with nothing official beyond that teaser. However, that hasn’t stopped the community from doing their own investigating.

Community Finds: Charge the Wall

According to leaks uncovered on the Rainbow Six Siege sub-Reddit page, the new Operation Void Edge will feature two new cyberpunk-looking operators. One of which is a blond woman with a power glove-like device on her hand, who is supposedly named Yana. The male operator, supposedly named Oryx, has some device running along his back and appears to be charging through something, possibly a wall.

This lines up with leaks from Reddit user PaqS18 last week. It gives more legitimacy to the details about the operators he revealed. With Yana having a hologram, she can control. Oryx, on the other hand, can charge through soft walls.

The leak also details other changes in development and to be announced during the Invitational, including a rumored rework of the much-beloved but somewhat useless operator Tachanka. His LMG is now becoming his default gun and his gadget now focuses on something around incendiary items.

The leak also teased some new features coming to the game this upcoming season. There is a map pick and ban in ranked. Also, there is the ability to watch replays of your matches, which is vital for helping players looking to make their way into the pro scene.

Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed this yet. We’ll keep an eye out this weekend as the panel’s on the new season get underway in Montreal just before the Grand Final.


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