Ubisoft Unveils Year 5 and Year 6 Siege Roadmap

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 17th 2020

Following NiP’s dismantling of TSM in the Losers Finals to set-up Brazil’s first-ever appearance at an Invitational Grand Final, Rainbow Six Siege developers Ubisoft held a panel detailing the roadmap for not only the upcoming Year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege but also surprised everyone with a look at the Year 6 roadmap as well.

There was a lot to unpack in the reveal, including the announcement of several map reworks, changes to the competitive landscape, new general gadgets for operators, and the long-awaited rework of the legendary operator Tachanka.

Competitive Changes

The first major announcement of the panel came in the form of changes to the competitive scene, with Ubisoft starting it all off by dropping a bombshell that this upcoming Pro League Final in Sao Paulo would be the last in the scene. In their place, teams will now be competing at multiple Majors throughout the year as they head towards the Grand Finals at the Siege Invitational, much like how Dota works with its Majors leading up to The International. The first major will be in August in North America, with another in Europe in November. After the Invitational next February, the following major in May will again be in Europe, while the August one goes to NA and the November one going to APAC.

The competitive season has also been extended to a one-year system, stretching the season from six months to nine and giving a two-month off-season for players to rest and recoup, likely following the Invitational. Teams will also no longer have to go through a flurry of tournaments to try and win a spot at the Invitational, as now teams will earn points by playing at and doing well in tournaments throughout the year, with points updated every three months for all to see. At the end of the year, the top teams by points will be invited to the Siege Invitational, doing away with the old qualifier system.

Ubisoft also announced an update to the revenue sharing Pilot Program as well, revealing that the number of teams participating would be bumped up to 44 with teams divided into one of three tiers that determine the level of support they get. Teams can now also choose their operator designs for their in-game content, whereas before it was picked for them. Ubisoft also revealed that the changes were part of a four-year plan for revenue sharing they’re implementing, so we’ll have to wait and see what else comes from this in the years ahead.

Lastly, Ubisoft announced changes to each of the region’s Pro Leagues, revealing that NA, EU, and Brazil/LATAM will now be bumped up to 10 teams in the league, while APAC jumps up to 12 teams. In addition, each region will get specific changes designed to bolster the competitive level there, with North America now exclusively playing on LAN, Europe focusing more on local leagues, LATAM expanding to more countries, and APAC being divided into north and south divisions. The developers also teased that they were open into expanding into more regions beyond the four established ones, though where or when that’ll exactly take place is currently shrouded in mystery.

Rainbow Six Siege Roadmap for Year 5 and Beyond

Beyond just the esports side of the game, Ubisoft also showed off their plans for in-game content for the next two years, revealing in the season five roadmap that, beyond the content in Void Edge coming in season one, season two will include a pair of new operators from South Africa and Norway, as well as a rework of Siege’s first map, House.

Reworks were a big piece of the roadmap for year 5 of Rainbow Six Siege, and Ubisoft revealed that, following season two, the content cycle will switch to the release of one operator per season, one map or map rework, one in-game event, one Arcade playlist, and a battle pass for the season, with the developer describing year five as a transition year from the old format of content release to this new one that will continue into next year. Starting with season three as well, core gameplay changes and reworks will become a staple of the seasonal content cycle, as Ubisoft works to bring all of the content they’ve made over the year up to modern standards, starting that season with the long-awaited rework of Tachanka.

Tachanka’s new kit will see the Russian “lord” lose his LMG as his gadget, now taking the weapon as a mighty primary gun with strong wall-shredding power. In its place on his gadgets is a new incendiary grenade launcher that can fire multiple shots and help hold off attackers from a site, much like Capitao’s bolts. He’ll be joining a new and currently kept under wraps operator from the Nighthaven lore faction that Kavi and Wami belong to, along with a rework of the map Skyscraper. Lastly, season four will bring in a new operator from Thailand and a rework of the map Chalet, while Year 6 will continue the pattern we saw in seasons three and four. The team did mention reworks were coming to Siege’s most problematic operators and to keep an eye on their regularly released play-rate vs win-rate graphs for an idea of who’s in line for changes.


Lastly, Ubisoft gave us a look at upcoming changes coming to the core gameplay experience of siege, including a brand new Match replay system that lets you record matches and rewatch them as a spectator, which is set to drop in the first half of this year to the test environment. Beyond that, we’re also getting a new “Ping 2.0” system that allows you to mark gadgets and other items on the map, much like you can do already in Apex Legends. This will come with a change to the operator IQ, with any device she now catches with her gadget getting pinged for the entire team automatically.

Speaking of gadgets, two new generic gadgets for operators will be coming at some point this year: a hard breach gadget, weaker than Thermite or Hibana to prevent them from becoming pointless, and a new proximity alarm gadget that releases a loud sound when an enemy passes within range, much like the security checkpoints on Bank. Map bans are also coming to the Ranked playlist, allowing teams to each ban one of three maps and play the last one left, and a new reputation system for players that limits and punishes those acting negatively but not ban worthily, while average players aren’t affected and positive players are rewarded.

They also teased a new in-game tournament system like League of Legends Clash coming this year, allowing you and a premade squad of your friends to hop in together and trying and win a tournament on weekends against other players around the world. No word yet on what you may get for winning, but from how Ubisoft does events expect in-game cosmetics to show off your victory. Lastly, they also showed off Ash’s third Elite Skin in partnership with Creative Dynamic that dresses her up to look like Laura Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise.

It’s a lot of content to take in, and we can’t wait to see all of it over the next two years. This feels like a watershed moment for Rainbow Six Siege, and could be the changes needed to finally push the game into the top tier of esports and shooter titles. We’ll have more coverage as more of this content arrives over the coming months and years, so stay tuned here for more exciting Rainbow Six Siege action.


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