Rainbow Six Siege Debuts Revenue Sharing System R6 Share

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Sep, 9th 2020

Rainbow Six Siege is something of an enigma in the esports space. Published by Ubisoft, a company not exactly known for their esports efforts, they’ve quietly managed to turn Rainbow Six into a solid tier 2 esport.

Today, they unveiled the next step in their plans, and hopefully one that will give teams the confidence they need to invest in Rainbow Six Siege esports for the long term, with the announcement of a new revenue sharing system. The new program, called R6 Share, promises to support 42 organizations worldwide, including all orgs currently participating in their pro-level regional leagues, over the next four years. 

This should be the shot in the arm the scene needs, as several organizations over the past year have announced their intention to depart the scene. It also comes after rumors of franchising surfaced in Rainbow Six, as they were looking to hire someone familiar with those systems years ago. This program was initially known as Phase 3, and was unveiled back in February, but this is the first time it’s been addressed since then. 

Ubisoft also detailed the selection process for teams involved in the program.

“After the several months necessary to run the qualitative in-depth selection process with third parties,” Ubisoft said. “And thus ensure a fair and neutral evaluation process to assess all professional teams that submitted applications, we are happy to officially kick-start the program this month.”

What Are the Goals of R6 Share?

The goals of R6 Share are nuanced and varied – and are not directly focused on establishing teams control over given markets or permanence in a program, unlike the franchise models of other esports, at least at present. 

The ideas presented by Ubisoft seem to more closely resemble that of CSGO, where there are informal tiers to teams competing, except in this case they are more formalized.  Success in the system is rewarded by moving up in tiers, and thus compensation from Ubisoft. 

Here are the goals according to Ubisoft’s release:

  • Support 42 organizations worldwide, including all organizations participating in each of the pro-level regional league.
  • Run for the next 4 years approximately, allowing organizations to think long-term.
  • Introduce a multi-tier support system with 3 Tiers, to adapt both revenue shares and requirements to the organizations variable situations.
  • Acknowledge organizations’ support of Rainbow Six esports with a fluid non-competition-based ranking system, performance incentives, and the flexibility to move up to a new Tier of support to award organizations who contribute to the scene’s growth and success.

How Will Micro-transactions Impact Rainbow Six Siege Teams?

Of course, with a revenue share system means that Ubisoft will be trying to generate more revenue for their esports scene. While the release didn’t mention anything about media rights or sponsorships for the leagues, it did mention that there will be microtransactions included for fans to support the Rainbow Six Siege esports scene. 

The revenue from these micro-transactions will be divided up among the Rainbow Six Siege pro teams and shared according to what tier the teams occupy. Tier 1 teams will get the most, with the amount trickling down to tier 3 teams. Teams will also get their own microtransactions. 

Here’s the breakdown from Ubisoft on what this system entails:

Major MTX: An Operator Bundle for the November Six Major will be available at the launch of the new Rainbow Six Siege season. 30% of the net revenue from these items will contribute to the prize pool of the Major.

League MTX: for every set of League MTX sold, 30% of the net revenue will be split 4 ways between R6 SHARE organizations in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. A Performance Pool is the 4th beneficiary, which will distribute the revenue it accumulates amongst top ranked organizations within each Tier.

Team MTX: for every team-branded item sold, 30% of the net revenue will be shared with the organization whose branded item is purchased. Details on the teams that were selected to be part of R6 SHARE will be communicated soon.

The program will kick off this month with in-game microttransactions being revealed at a later date. The team announcements will be following as well. 


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