Rainbow Six Siege Mute Protocol Event Halted After Invisibility Exploit

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Aug, 6th 2020

This is news we didn’t expect, but here we are anyway! The Rainbow Six Siege Mute Protocol event has already been halted thanks to an exploit. In particular, this exploit makes players invisible, which is a pretty unfair advantage in a PVP FPS. There have been many Rainbow Six titles over the years, but perhaps one of the most popular ones right now is the competitive Rainbow Six Siege. We’re pretty big fans of it over here at Esports Talk, that’s for sure.

M.U.T.E. Protocol

Now, this is the first Rainbow Six game built around online multiplayer. Seeing an exploit pop up isn’t unreasonable. But for such a major issue to crop up on day one of an event is fascinating. Ubisoft confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege Mute Protocol event and its challenges would extend after the exploit fixes.

Of course, quite a few players were taking advantage of this, and sniping their opponents without fear of retaliation. An exploit of this magnitude in Rainbow Six is not outside the realm of possibility. We are glad that Rainbow Six’s dev team immediately took action. They didn’t just let the entire event go on like other companies we might be able to name. Before the game shut down the event, here’s how you could have triggered the exploit in question:

If you were an Attacker, rappel down the north side of Tower at spawn. Once you hit the ground, throw your drone and put it on the railing, and that will keep you from falling off the map. That’s important. Then you exit the drone and throw it toward the center pillar of the map. If you do slip off the rail, you hopefully will land on an invisible platform. From there, the throne is destroyed. You’ll automatically remove from it, and the glitch triggers! To get back up to the building, deploy or destroy your second drone or throw it back up on it.

Huzzah, now you’re invisible and able to cheat to your heart’s content! Well, you can’t now, but you could then! The event in question was a modified Secure Area event that takes place in a tower. The ability to teleport to your drones via Morph and the defenders setting up bulletproof cameras made it enjoyable.

We can only hope that more companies learn from this, and don’t let their special events get overrun by cheaters and do nothing about it. At least they will also allow the event to go on for a more extended time because frankly, it’s pretty awesome. Kudos to Ubisoft for delaying the Rainbow Six Siege Mute Protocol event because of this exploit, and immediately working on a fix for it.


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