Rainbow Six Siege Leak Reveals New Operators; Hints at Year 5 Ops and Changes

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Nov, 4th 2019

New details have leaked today about the last two new operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege for Year 4, as Kormora from Resetera has revealed new information they’ve received about upcoming content. Furthermore, there’s also been a leak hinting at what we can expect from Rainbow Six Siege year 5.

According to the leaks, the upcoming two operators to close out the year are an attack operator from India and a defense operator from Kenya, and while neither operator’s names were revealed, we did get a sneak-peak at their new kits.

New Operators

The Indian operator is a female op whose gadget is a grenade launcher that fires a device that charges up and destroys gadgets in an area around it, much like Thatcher’s EMP grenades. She also is stated to have a bolt action rifle, the first such rife to make its way into the Siege arsenal.

The Kenyan operator, meanwhile, has a device that “sucks in a grenade at a time and triggers them,” much like Jaegar’s device, though if it works in an area of effect or only in one direction is currently unclear. This op’s weapon loadout wasn’t revealed, though they are rumored to be a 1-speed op, so likely heavier weapons.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Leak

Beyond the final Year 4 operators getting leaked, we also get word on some new operators currently in development for Year 5, with Kormora hearing a tease about one, “anyone ever watch the commercials with the Kool-Aid man?”

What exactly they mean by that is unclear, though it seems to be hinting that the operator will ram through a wall.

Other rumored operators in development include one with a medic drone and another that runs akimbo (meaning their weapons are dual-wield, another first for Siege).

There was a warning in there, however, that the details in this Rainbow Six Siege year 5 leak aren’t fully confirmed yet, and may get shelved like apparently many other operator ideas the team has been working on.

According to Kormora, many of these ideas have been shelved due to problems with the game’s engine, the same one Ubisoft titles have used since the original Assassin’s Creed, including an operator with a shield that stuns and throws targets backward, as well as flamethrowers and devices utilizing light beams.

Beyond these operators, both attackers and defenders from the rest of the game will be getting new gadgets to add to their arsenals, with defenders getting one that works like an alarm warning you of approaching enemies, while attackers will get a small Thermite charge to help them breach, a huge move considering the charges define Thermite’s kit and may hint at a rework of some sort.

Speaking of reworks, the leaks also unveiled that Tachanka, the meme of the Siege community, will finally be getting a rework soon, which, while not fully revealed, did tease that he’ll no longer need his turret.

A picture from the Pro League Final trailer seems to confirm this tease, and hints that Tachanka may be able to walk around with his turret now, finally allowing him to be useful as an operator beyond troll tactics.

Ela and Cav’s Elites were also confirmed coming, with Bucks to follow shortly afterward.

Ubisoft hasn’t responded yet to the leaks, though given the teasers and the upcoming Pro League Finals, it’s safe to say we’ll likely hear something at the upcoming event.

We’ll be following all the news from the Pro League Finals through the tournament from November 9-10th, so stick with us for all the exciting news and reveals!


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