Rainbow Six Siege DDOS, ORGL3SS Finds a Home, Goyo Bugs – Rainbow Six Siege Recap 9/18

by in General | Sep, 18th 2019

Welcome everyone to our newest segment, the Rainbow Six Siege Recap. Much like our daily CS:GO Recap, we’ll now be bringing you news and updates on the Siege scene and community with our new video host, Nick Dragone!

Today we’ll be taking a look at 0RGL3SS’ pick-up by a new organization, check on the Rainbow Six Siege DDOS attack Operation Ember has been experiencing, along with Ubisoft’s response, and take a peek at a bug with Goyo’s Volcan Shield that may cause you trouble if you set it off.

0RGL3SS No More!

It only took nine months, but 0RGL3SS has finally found a new team to pick-up their squad: Wildcard Gaming.

The Australian squad had been without a sponsoring org for nine months now since leaving Athletico Esports back in January, and have been struggling to get by on their own.

The news was announced on Wildcard’s Twitter on Monday and puts an end to months of speculation of who would be picking the squad up, including rumors that Renegades was looking into the team.

As of the time of this writing, Wildcard currently sits at the top of the the Australia and New Zealand division of the APAC Pro League with 30 points to their name, two points ahead of their nearest rival Fnatic (points will change after both teams play today).

Operation Ember Takes Its Name Too Literally

Ubisoft seems to have taken the name of the new Rainbow Six Siege season a little too seriously, as the game has been struggling with a massive amount of issues since Operation Ember launched last week.

The game has been suffering from a high outburst of Rainbow Six Siege DDOS attacks since the patch went live, causing games across all platforms to up and crash without warning.

According to Siege stats site Tabwire, the situation has gotten so bad on consoles that they recommended players from Gold to Diamond to, “Just play Unranked until this is fixed to at least have fun playing. Ranks are useless for console at the moment and doesn’t mean anything. If you’re Diamond or Gold it doesn’t matter because 8/10 matches are getting DDOSed.”

Considering DDOSing can earn you up to 10-years in jail, the fact people are willing to do it just for some ranks in Siege goes to show just how safe these cheaters feel doing this.

That safety isn’t going to last long, however, as Ubisoft has announced their plans to deal with the situation, including issuing ban waves and looking into legal action against the most prolific Rainbow Six Siege DDOS offenders and cheat selling sites.

In addition, the company will transition the server system from each server hosting three games, meaning if one crashes two others will as well, to each hosting only one match, which should help contain the service attacks from spreading too far.

They’re also updating their network monitoring process to better monitor Rainbow Six Siege DDOS attacks and react sooner to them.

Goyo is a Traitor

While these issues are all being dealt with over the next week, oneissue still remains for players trying out the new defensive operator Goyo.

The new ops gadget known as the “Volcan Shield” is a device that looks like a normal barricade, but it explodes into a firey storm upon its destruction, taking out anyone stuck in the area around it.

While this tool is obviously very powerful for denying entry into parts of the map or picking off players held up near one, the way the fire credits kills has caused some trouble in-game.

According to a video on Reddit from C4TS_ , accidentally setting off a Volcan Shield, whether on purpose or by accident, can cause the fire to hurt nearby teammates, and counts it towards the player who activated it.

So uh, I got a temp ban for reinforcing a wall from r/Rainbow6

In other words, if you shoot your Goyo’s shield, and the fire kills a teammate, it can activate Reverse Friendly Fire on you and get you kicked out of the game.

While such things are common for gadgets in siege (see Fuze Cluster Bombs), the ease with which you can set off the Volcan Shield has caused a major problem for anyone playing with a Goyo on their squad, as even reinforcing a wall next to one can cause it to detonate.

Ubisoft is currently looking into a fix on the matter, but as of yet has no confirmed fix or date at which it will get patched.

That’s all the news we have for today, thanks for reading. Check back in with us tomorrow for more Rainbow Six Siege news. Until then, have a good night, and don’t trust your Goyos.


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