Rainbow Six Hackers Play the Tachanka Rework Early

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Sep, 14th 2020

In February, at the Six Invitational, we got a glimpse of the Rainbow Six Tachanka rework. Things have been mighty quiet since then until now. Hackers have been playing the Tachanka rework early in Rainbow Six, which is both a good and bad thing at the same time. It’s not a big secret that Tachanka’s the most popular operator in Rainbow Six Siege, even if he is pretty awful.

He was a meme if nothing else, but the idea that his rework has been seen could be a teaser that he’s on the way soon. That’s a theory, though. Could the rework have been leaked intentionally to generate buzz and get more people playing? Possible, but unlikely.

Will He Re-Debut in Operation Shadow Legacy?

That’s the thought, anyway. That is where hackers got their hands on the returning Tachanka. This is a huge deal for Rainbow Six Siege, and spoiling it early isn’t very pleasant, even if people are excited about it. Tachanka’s the first overhaul/rework for Rainbow Six Siege, but he needed it. So to see hackers playing the Tachanka rework early in Rainbow Six, well, it’s bound to be divisive.

So, what can we expect if all of this is true? According to Twitter user @PIgeonR6, this is legit. Tachanka’s rework isn’t listed in the Rainbow Six patch notes, but this early gameplay may mean he’s coming in this next update. We have no idea how this was figured out/made playable.

The best part is that he looks awesome! Tachanka can run around with his incendiary grenade launcher and LMG primary weapons and not be rooted in position. That’s what made him so disappointing; once you flushed him out of hiding, that was it. He was all out of tricks.

Tachanka can cut off attackers by lobbying molotovs. Would you want to run through fire to get at someone who is just going to mow you down with an LMG? No, probably not. It’s said he has 10 of the molotov grenades, which, let’s be real, are a lot of grenades.

Tachanka’s LMG is the main weapon now and has some pretty intense wall destruction capability. Knock holes in walls, or knock the whole wall down. Heck, we don’t judge! Since the data was in the game files, it’s likely coming in the next patch, but you never know with Ubisoft.

We know that the early access of Tachanka in Rainbow Six should have never occurred in the first place. That said, we’ve seen leaks and hacks of game files for years now, so we really shouldn’t be too surprised. This was supposed to be a huge moment, and it almost feels ruined by the release of footage.


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