Rainbow Six DDOS Operation Ends in Lawsuit Win for Ubisoft

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Jul, 22nd 2021

SNG.one is a website that received a DDOS lawsuit from Ubisoft back in January 2020. SNG.one, for those that aren’t familiar, were a website that offered to set up DDOS attacks on a variety of online games – including Rainbow Six: Siege. SNG.one used to advertise itself as a site that tests firewalls against attacks, but Ubisoft alleged that they had other services being offered. It gets hairier and weirder, but ultimately, Ubisoft won a 150,000 dollar judgment against the website, most of which will apparently go to the lawyers.

Will DDOS Attacks Cease?

As a part of this suit, Ubisoft alleged that SNG.one also ran a variety of other sites, such as r6.support, r6s.support, stressed-stresser-stressingstressers.com, and r6ddos.com. This led to the Ubisoft DDOS suit, which finally ended this month. Some of those names are a little on the nose – like r6ddos.com. These websites are now offline, thankfully. In the Ubisoft DDOS lawsuit, the SNG.one team apparently “hastily sought to conceal evidence concerning their involvement.”

What does that mean? They claimed the domain was seized by Microsoft and Ubisoft (which is likely untrue). In February, Ubisoft filed for a default judgment, after the defendants did not respond to the suit. This month, it was granted. Benjamin Ruesnik, Dennis Kruk, and Roland-Daniel Soos had to pay 153,094.4 to Ubisoft.

All of SNG.one’s were to be shut down and all domains were transferred to Ubisoft. The team is now also legally forbidden from impairing the integrity and availability of the R6S servers and networks. Has this lawsuit stopped DDOS attacks on Ubisoft? No, sadly not. It’s still a concern, and Ubisoft is still looking into further protect its community from these kinds of attacks.


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