Raidel ‘Joke’ Brito Wins Madden Bowl Without a Single Pass Thrown

by in General | May, 18th 2020

There is so much bad news going around right now. From COVID-19 to toxicity, cheating, and more. So why don’t we lighten the mood with something exemplifying skill and dedication? Let’s talk about some football! Raidel “Joke” Brito won his first Madden Bowl this weekend. He took home $65,000 in the biggest event across Madden 20’s Championship Series. He also did it without throwing a single pass in the game.


Seriously. What?!

I’m not the biggest football fan around (my family are Cleveland Browns fans, so draw your conclusion), but this blew my mind. Joke defeated the best players in the Madden Bowl with aid of the Washington Redskins punter Tress Way in the quarterback spot. Wait, what? I do know that passing is very prevalent across NFL strategies right now, but Joke wasn’t having it. He clearly understands Madden 20 in a way we never could.

Every single play he called was a running play, and nobody could put a stop to his shenanigans. This might be the best news story I report on all week, and I’d be fine with that. The actual answer to this question of “Why?!” may be a bit more prosaic than you expect.

While it might sound like he was going the ol’ Kenpachi-from-Brouteleach route (handicapping himself to make things more interesting). Joke knows this game better than possibly anyone. He has over $200,000 in earnings and has had 11 EA major appearances, as well as several Madden Bowl final fours. He never quite hit the top of the mountain until now though.

Run-focused strategies are apparently, incredibly powerful. The Madden Bowl itself uses a salary cap system. It also offers current and former players. However, quarterbacks are incredibly expensive, because of course, they are. He chose to put that money, instead of a top-tier quarterback, to put a punter in that position.

All that money he saved slotting Way in as quarterback was used to giving him a terrifying team. His whole squad was built around defense and a powerful running squad. Joke’s Madden Bowl squad included names like Frank Clark (Kansas City Chief’s pass-rusher) and Taylor Mays (ex-NFL safety). His center and tackle for offense were already very powerful and focused. His playbooks were Las Vegas Raiders (offense) and the Miami Dolphins’ defensive playbook. Really? The Dolphins have that kind of monster defense? Well, good on them.

“We had three major events during the season that led to this tournament,” said Tyler “TDAVIS” Davis, a Madden competitor and commentator. “Joke finished fifth, third and third in those tournaments en route to winning the final tournament of the year. He was the best player by far in Madden 20. Going into this, he was arguably in the top 10 of all-time greats, and now he has to be considered in the top five ever.”

Now, whether this would work in real life is a whole other story. Would I love to see art imitate life, and see a non-QB take that spot, and see this kind of run-only strategy? I would because it would be fascinating.

Joke dedicated the tournament, win or lose, to his friend Taylor “SpotMe” Robertson. Robertson was killed in 2018 at the mass shooting in Jacksonville Florida, during a Madden tournament. That’s a very emotional statement, and we’re glad that he could metaphorically hoist the Madden title belt high.

His strategy was unorthodox, and perhaps that’s why it won so handily. His final match was a 17-0 shutout of Daniel “Dcroft” Mycroft. This isn’t a strategy that I think, would work for everyone though. You have to know the game and an unerring faith that your strategy is going to work. So, congratulations to Joke for winning this year’s Madden Bowl! He earned that victory and the $65,000 purse that comes with it.


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