R6 Siege’s Crimson Heist Details Unveiled (Operator, Map Rework)

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 17th 2021

As Neon Dawn comes to an end, we won’t have to wait for the next major content drop in R6 Siege. That’s right, Y6S1 kicks off with Crimson Heist in R6 Siege, and we have the details you need to know. It’s all going down on February 21st, and from a new Operator (Flores) and a map rework (Border), there’s going to be plenty to see and do as the world of Rainbow Six continues to evolve.

What’s in Crimson Heist?

The reveal began with a cryptic teaser image on R6’s Twitter. According to data miners, Flores, the next Operator for R6 Siege is an Attacker. They are an unaffiliated agent from Argentina, and their explosive gadget sounds like it’s going to be a blast. According to these data miners, it’s called the “RCE-Ratero”, and you can click the primary gadget button to drop an explosive drone. You can control it like other drones, and clicking the button again will start a timer. After five seconds, it detonates, with a similar punch to C4.

The weapons for Flores aren’t available yet, nor is an image, other than that teaser on Twitter. Hopefully, this information comes to light soon. Either way, we don’t have long to wait, since the details say this all kicks off for R6 Siege – Crimson Heist begins next week.

Now, when we saw the name “Crimson Heist”, we probably thought the same thing you did – a Bank Map rework. However, that’s not the case, according to Benjamin (who leaked the above information). It’s said that Border is going to be the map that is reworked, and as a popular map that could certainly do with some touch-ups, this is exciting news. We were expecting all this to go down around the same time as the Six Invitational, but when it was postponed, of course, plans had to change. Sadly, that was changed due to travel restrictions.

Flores sounds awesome, we have to say. Explosive drones as a gadget is going to be a fun surprise. If you can keep it out of sight in a loud area, that timer’s going to safely go off, and explode right behind the enemy team. That’s how I’d want to use it anyway. Or set it up near a popular hiding spot. Maybe one that’s hard to get out of. That way, when you activate the drone’s explosive payload, it’s not going to matter. Ka. Boom.


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