R6 Siege’s Kids Dormitory Desperately Needs a Name Change

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Feb, 1st 2021

In competitive esports, one of the most important things is a uniform callout system. R6 Siege is no exception to this. All the teams call the same thing for a point, as do the casters. This leads to easier communication between players and to the fans. While casters make some awful (though funny) calls, this is genuinely down to a player’s gamertag used in a cast. However, R6 Siege is not funny and needs a change. That’s the name of the Oregon Bombsite, “Kids Dormitory.” This was shouted out by Parker “Interro” Mackay, an R6 Siege caster.

Ghastly But Unintentional Calls

We’re with him, though. Some awful, uncomfortable things get said albeit unintentionally. On top of that, you’re talking about a kid’s dormitory bombed in R6 Siege, and that’s gross. It wouldn’t be hard to rename it, so this stops. Even if the players call it something else, it’s still listed that way in the game. 

Interro took to Twitter this weekend to talk about this very serious request: “Ubisoft, please rename the bombsite “Kids Dormitory” on Oregon. At very least, remove the word “kids” from the name. As a caster, the word “kids” sounds awful when said alongside other callouts, leading to awkward & inappropriate phrasing. This is a serious request, by the way. Having to consciously navigate a minefield of horrible phrasing all because the word “kids” is involved really sucks. Changing the name of the bombsite would make our jobs easier.”

Admittedly, the casters tend to call it “Dorms,” but that’s not what the players call it. That’s not what it is. It’s the Kids Dormitory in R6 Siege, and it’s led to some awful calls in-game. A G2 player, Pengu gave a perfect example of why this is so wretched. “He is inside kids,” said Pengu. “It’s f***ng rough. Even as a plate rit just feels wrong.”

There are many really potentially awkward, uncomfortable, or downright confusing things that can happen here. The casters have to tiptoe around the name, so it doesn’t sound awful or gross. This leads to communication problems or confusion on the viewer’s part. Calling the Kids Dormitory in R6 Siege would be helpful, as that’s what the casters already call it. But an in-game change would be even better. It would help lead towards using that as a call by players. We want the same name for each room, so the players and fans all know what’s going on. This is a sentiment shared by quite a few people in the R6 Siege community. Geo “Geo” Collins” agrees with the sentiment, saying: “‘He’s entering kids’ is just the worst sentence to say on broadcast.” 

There is already a “dorms” call by players, which could take some work to untangle. It’s a great idea. I can’t imagine how “Kids Dormitory” was ever decided upon in the first. Either it’s something that was done, thinking nothing of it, or perhaps someone got a real chuckle out of it. It’s still a change that needs to happen. It’s not something that breaks the actual game but is a minor change that could improve the viewer experience and the in-game communication. 


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