R6 Siege Hackers Can Join Your Pre-Game Lobby

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Jan, 5th 2021

Cheating never seems to end in online games. With each new generation of games and updates, we see more bold moves from hackers. This latest cheating rampage in R6 Siege may be the most insane we’ve seen yet. In R6 Siege, hackers can now force their way into your pre-lobby. It’s been seen more than once now by big-name R6 Siege content creators and pros/former pros. There’s no word from Ubisoft on this one yet, but what can you expect to see potentially?


The ability for hackers to force their way into a player’s lobby in R6 Siege is pretty scary. As far as we’re aware, this was first revealed by one of Rogue’s streamers, “Kitty.” A player named XDYELLOWXD appeared in the lobby without being invited. Jess “JessGOAT” Bolden was also a victim in her lobby. Bolden is a former coach for R6 Siege and a current broadcast talent for the game.

This profile, which curiously no longer exists on R6 Player Stats, had a 9.0 win/loss ratio and only two recorded kills in over 10 matches. That’s wildly suspect.

“If I had not seen this happen just moments before to another streamer, I would have been quite worried and scared,” JessGOAT said. “Had he come in and pretended he had access to other areas of my accounts/computer, it would have seriously caused an issue.”

This person, XDYELLOWXD, just showed up in Kitty’s party, despite protests of them not even being friends. But he spoke in chat, saying he wanted to play. The hacker in question kept asking, “Are we playing or what?” as seen in a clip on Kitty’s Twitter. It’s incredibly suspicious, even if they pretended to be polite to both Kitty and JessGOAT.

Hackers that can do this in a player’s lobby in R6 Siege can essentially hold someone hostage. Either you play with an apparent hacker and risk getting banned/punished, or you have to stop playing until this person stops targeting you. We wonder how this even exists and hope Ubisoft puts a stop to it sooner rather than later. It’s an honestly horrifying thing to happen to anyone. 


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