R6 Siege Caster and Streamer KiXSTAr Passes Away

by in Rainbow Six Siege | Oct, 13th 2021

As a member of the Pro League casting crew, Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley was a warm and familiar face that would greet and entertain viewers tuning in to watch competitive R6 Siege. Unfortunately, Stockley will not be greeting viewers for the next broadcast of the North American Rainbow 6 Pro League event due to his unfortunate passing.

Stockley Family Statement Regarding KiXSTAr’s Passing

According to a statement made by KiXSTAr’s family and shared by fellow casting crew member Parker “INTERRO” Mackay on Twitter, Stockley passed away October 11th. He was well-beloved by the R6 community, something that was appreciated deeply by Stockley’s mother.


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