Quest 2 Owners Make Up Majority of SteamVR Users

by in General | Dec, 3rd 2021

VR is starting to take off, and it’s no surprise that players are jumping into the virtual world, with headsets becoming more readily available. It’s all thanks to the company Meta, which acquired Oculus in 2014. Since then, the company responsible for making the social media site Facebook was now in control of the VR developer. Making the Quest 2 one of the more popular VR headsets in SteamVR, according to a Steam Hardware survey

From then, the two companies worked together to make more headsets readily available for consumers. This would then turn into the discontinued headsets known as the Rift, Rift S, and the Quest. While all the headsets but the Quest were displayed to be PC Only headsets, the problem is that some players who wanted to get into VR weren’t able to do so, as a PC was required. However, with the introduction of the Quest, this wouldn’t be an issue since the headset was a hybrid VR headset, allowing for both PCVR and Standalone VR as an option. Now, with the discontinuation of the Quest, the Quest 2 is the go-to headset for anyone who wants to get into standalone VR or SteamVR. 

Being that the headset is as affordable as it is, players who have PC are more likely to purchase this headset than the Valve Index, and with the most recent Steam Hardware Survey, how many players have opted for Meta’s most affordable headset to date have been revealed.

The Steam Hardware Survey

For those who don’t know, the Steam Hardware Survey is a monthly survey that players can take. The survey is completely optional, but it makes for an interesting metric of what’s the most common on the platform. Steam states in their hardware survey that the survey is used to “make decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make and products to offer.” 

However, anyone who wants to see what’s the most popular setup on the Steam Store is able to go to the website and take a look. Some of the statistics are very shocking. For example, the most popular video card at the moment is the GTX 1060; however, that’s only 7% of the people who are on the platform. The GTX 1650 is after that, which means that these lower-tier cards are the ones that a good majority of people on the platform are using. 

However, the most interesting metric comes in the form of the most popular VR Headset. The Quest 2. At This Moment, the Quest 2 Makes up around 36% of all SteamVR users. Combining that with Just the Original Quest, That means that 41% of all VR users on the platform are using Quest headsets. Combining the percentage of all Oculus Headsets together, This totals out to 61.96% of all VR Users, using Oculus for their dedicated headsets.

The Index is second in line for individual headsets, sitting at just above the Rift S with a 16.92%. The question remains, however, why is the Quest so Popular?

The Simple Answer

The answer is simple, and the Quest 2 is a cheap VR Headset. With its ability to be used as both a Standalone headset and a PCVR Headset, it’s no surprise that the headset is able to be used by many. Since Oculus doesn’t mention any numbers for the current amount of people using the headset outside of steam, the number of Quest 2 headsets could be higher than what’s being shown on steam for SteamVR. On top of this, SteamVR users only make up about 1.84% of the market. This equates to around 2.2 Million Users in VR if Steam’s 120 Million Active user base is to be believed, that’s a lot of VR Headsets, and around 799,040 of them are using Quest 2 Headsets. 

Regardless of if the Quest 2 is the dominating headset, it’s a good thing to see VR continue to go into the mainstream. Players from around the world are playing with one another, and with the influx of new games coming to the platforms, it’s only going to go up from here. –


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