Queen Mary’s College Launches Esports Education Program

by in Collegiate Esports | Apr, 30th 2020

Starting in September 2020, Queen Mary’s College of Basingstoke, England will launch a BTEC esports course! Now that’s huge news. This was developed in partnership with Belong Gaming Arenas and will work to teach students how esports works as an industry, not as a player. That’s just as important, if not more so than simply being a good player.

Often Overlooked, Still Important

It’s far more important, in our estimation, to have people behind the scenes that can make everything go and work. Queen Mary’s College students in the esports education program will become equipped with knowledge and understanding of skills, both digital and analog. This will also help them create business and branding opportunities for themselves or others.

In addition to simply learning skills, it will provide opportunities, like contact with esports industry experts, work experience, and preparation/training for your future. You don’t have to be able to 1v5 an enemy team as Vayne to make your way in esports. Creativity, technological understanding, and editing skills can take you farther, longer.

Queen Mary’s College is also going to offer an esports scholarship, which gives specific access to the Basingstoke Belong Arena, resources, as well as discount codes with global brands and esports guests. We imagine they will also help with the gaming part of esports, but we do know it will offer event management, sales and marketing, broadcasting, human resources, and more.

“It’s fantastic to see QMC taking the lead in the South of England with the provision of the new BTEC in esports,” said Enterprise CEO Kathy Slack. “The EM3 region has an ever-growing number of businesses in the Gaming and Immersive Tech Industries. There are signs this may be one of the more resilient industries to the current economic slowdown, and one with the potential to help drive growth and an economic recovery. It is therefore vital there are training opportunities such as this, with wide-ranging career prospects for prospective learners who aspire to be the esports designers of tomorrow.”

There are many people in esports that frankly, have no idea goes on around them, and having the ability to learn more than simply shooting or defending well, can extend someone’s career in esports. Once your time playing is done, you can move into something else, or amplify the power and creativity of your livestreams, tournaments, or whatever you do in your downtime.

Queen Mary’s College having an intense esports education system is a grand idea. We can’t wait to see who they tap to help teach their forthcoming students. Of course, this may be delayed due to COVID-19, but one of the joys of esports is you can do much of it online. Perhaps the first set of classes will be online only, so students can get started without endangering their friends and loved ones.


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