PUMA Signs Multi-Year Sponsorship Deal With Gen.G Esports

by in General | Jun, 10th 2020

PUMA has confirmed a multi-year sponsorship deal with the South Korean powerhouses of Gen.G Esports! Though the financial details were not disclosed, we can only imagine that it involves a Scrooge McDuckian amount of money, probably delivered via dropship. Plus, PUMA has some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, so that’s another net positive.

Don’t worry, those cool jerseys will be available for sale, and hopefully, this means some cool new shoes will come out of it too. This isn’t the first big-time clothing manufacturer has teamed up with an esports org, but it might be the most interesting to me personally.

Closer to Traditional Sports

Esports has some fantastic partnerships and sponsorships, don’t get me wrong. Lots of big-time car manufacturers and clothing lines, well, line up to partner with these teams. That way, their product can be seen by a younger audience, who will hopefully spend on their product.

PUMA was already working with other orgs, such as North America’s Cloud9. Their competition, Nike, is a partner of both LCK’s T1 and the Chinese LPL in general. So, this is not a new move, but it’s a good one. This brings us one step closer to being more like traditional sports with athletic apparel partners.

PUMA will then provide team jerseys to players and streamers under Gen.G Esports’ banner in South Korea. The two will also be teaming up to design an apparel line, branded by both groups. This stuff will, of course, be made for public consumption.

The first Gen.G Esports squad to get the cool PUMA treatment? Their League of Legends LCK team will get equipped with the “PUMA X Gen.G” jersey first. Gen.G made another pretty serious move back in March when Gen.G teamed with an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz Korea (Han Sung Motor). It’s interesting to note that was the first deal between an esports team and a Korean import car dealer.

Gen.G has other partners, such as McDonald’s, Benefit Cosmetics, and the dating app Bumble. Now those are interesting, and strangely enough, makes me want a Big Mac. Let’s also not forget that Gen.G is working to better the education of people getting into esports.

All told, I think this is a solid move. While I’m sure a lot of money was likely involved, PUMA’s no doubt going to cash in by people buying Gen.G jerseys, shirts, possibly shoes.


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