PUBG’s $2 Million 2021 Global Championship – Everything You Need to Know

by in PUBG | Nov, 4th 2021

A share of $2M is on the line at the PUBG Global Championship 2021. We’re going to see 32 teams will be doing battle in a global LAN/online hybrid tournament, for a share of that sweet $2M prize pool. The PUBG Global Championship 2021 is going to run from November 19th through December 19th, and we’ve got all the details you need to know, as teams from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and APAC do battle. The weekly battles begin soon, where even those weekly showdowns are worth money.

What’s Going Down in PUBG?

The primary brunt of the tournament will be held offline at the Paradise City Plaza in Incheon, South Korea, but the teams from China will still compete from their home region, playing online. From Nov. 19-21, the Rank Decision matches will go down, and the 16 highest-ranked teams will start the Weekly Survival matches on November 23rd. Those teams are going to duke it out for a place in the Weekly Grand Finals.

A team that wins a Weekly Survival match goes to the Weekly Finals immediately. Their place in the Weekly Survivals will be taken then by the next highest-rank team from Rank Decisions. This will take two additional weeks to determine the final group of teams that will take part in the PUBG Global Championship 2021, from December 16-19th.

We also have the schedule for the event:

  • Rank Decision Matches: Nov. 19-21
  • Weekly Survival/Final Matches: Nov. 23-28
  • Weekly Survival/Final Matches: Nov. 29-Dec. 5
  • Weekly Survival/Final Matches: Dec. 6-12
  • Grand Finals Matches: Dec. 16-19

So there’s a lot of PUBG action to look forward to!

Points System, Ruleset, Prize Pool Pick‘ems

The Ruleset has also been revealed. KRAFTON is bringing back the SUPER (Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset) point ranking system. Teams will gain ranking points, based on the final match outcomes, and kill points – based on the number of kills a team earns during all Weekly Finals and Grand Finals matches. Weekly Survival Matches are going to use the existing WWCD ruleset that was introduced earlier in 2021.

There’s some big money going on in the PUBG Global Championship 2021. In addition to the team payouts determined by the final tournament standings, the $2M also includes extra money:

  • Weekly Series Winner: $30,000
  • Kill Leader: $10,000
  • All-PGC Team: $20,000 ($5,000 per player x 4 players)
  • Insane Squad: $20,000

The Pick’em Challenge is back as well! This event has fans predict the winner of the PUBG Global Championship 2021 to win prizes. Free voting coupons can be earned, and PGC 2021 items can be purchased via the in-game esports tab. This will also be used to supplement the prize pool, where 30% of the $2M prize pool will be made from the Pick’em Challenge revenue. You can see the participating teams in the image below.

Make sure you stay tuned to PUBG Global Championship 2021, where the best of the best are coming together to do battle on Twitch!


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