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Created by PlayerUnkown, PUBG has become a hot news topic as one of the first battle royale games to really take the world by storm. Featuring an entertaining twist on realism when it comes to gunplay and survival mechanics, PUBG has successfully become one of the most popular games in the world. Our coverage will keep you up to date on all PUBG news when it comes to upcoming events, patches, and more.

PUBG News in 2020

Cody Perez | May 13, 2020
PUBG is expanding yet again during this winter-filled season with the release of update 7.2. […]
Cody Perez | April 28, 2020
Google hosted its latest Stadia Connect, a Nintendo Direct-like video presentation that announces all of […]
Cody Perez | April 23, 2020
PUBG Corporation has revealed that some new changes and improvements are coming to the console […]
Cody Perez | April 22, 2020
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is expanding quite a bit in 2020, following up on the many changes […]
Cody Perez | April 21, 2020
PUBG Corporation announced that it is making some major changes to the PUBG esports scene […]
Cody Perez | March 11, 2020
With the release of the 12th season of PUBG Mobile and the celebration of its […]
Cody Perez | March 2, 2020
PUBG is in the middle of its sixth season currently and there are some new […]
Cody Perez | February 14, 2020
PUBG is evolving into a new era with the release of the Arcade and Team […]
Cody Perez | February 13, 2020
Season 6 of PUBG is not slowing down anytime soon as the next major update […]
Cody Perez | February 11, 2020
The coronavirus global emergency is one of the hottest topics right now across the world. […]
Cody Perez | February 3, 2020
The PUBG Global Series 2020 season is happening this year. It will see major changes […]
Jason Parker | January 31, 2020
A major announcement came through this week, concerning the most elite of PUBG challenges: The […]
Isaac Chandler | January 16, 2020
PUBG Corporation, the company behind PUBG, has been trying for a while to keep teams […]
Cody Perez | January 15, 2020
PUBG is entering a new season with the release of the long-awaited update 6.1 on […]
Cody Perez | December 11, 2019
It has been a little bit since the last major update for the PC version […]