PUBG Vehicles Rebalanced in Update 7.3, Out This Week

by in PUBG | Jun, 8th 2020

PUBG Corp. has released the official PUBG update 7.3 patch notes for players to check out. They are available right now and go over all of the changes, additions, and more that are coming to the game soon, such as the PUBG vehicles overhaul that should help players out.

PUBG Update 7.3 Patch Notes Are Out Now

You can find the PUBG update 7.3 patch notes on the official website right now as it goes over all of the changes ahead of the release of the major downloadable patch. This update is a pretty big one, especially as we near the end of the current seventh season of battle royale.

Even though the season is still ongoing and features a lot of content, PUBG Corp. has more in store for players as we approach the release of update 7.3. This one will not feature a ton of new content but will offer some interesting new gameplay features and, more importantly, changes.

These changes will be paramount to making the game better than ever before, with stuff like the PUBG vehicles, explosives, and Vikendi getting some crucial updates that will certainly be pleasing to players. As such, it is worth checking out what the patch notes have to offer.

Update 7.3 Release Dates: Test Servers, Live Servers

But before you can enjoy the changes that will be offered in update 7.3, you need to know when this update will release. Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait a little bit longer if you want to see update 7.3 on your specific platform for the game.

For those of you who are on PC and don’t mind checking out the test version of the game on Steam, then you will not have to wait very long at all. Though the patch notes are out now, the game update isn’t out yet even on the test servers on PC.

But it will become available on the test servers on this Wednesday, June 10, and everyone on that platform who uses the test version will be able to check out all of these changes. But if you are on PC and prefer playing on the live servers or are on console, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

Fortunately, the wait this time around for the PS4 and Xbox One players is a lot more reasonable than ever before. According to the patch notes, the console players will get this update on the same day as the PC players, which is something we haven’t seen before.

Better yet, maybe because this update isn’t a game-changing one, it will become available on those platforms a lot faster than usual. PC test servers will only get this update a week before everyone else, as the live servers will get it on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, and PS4 on June 17.

PUBG Vehicles Rebalanced in This Update

Kicking off what’s new in the PUBG update 7.3 patch notes is the total rebalance of the PUBG vehicles. All of the vehicles in the battle royale game will have some major changes in this update that will make Season 7 and the entire game much more enjoyable overall.

This update addresses the issue that many players have had with the fact that the vehicles are set to explode instantly when they reach zero health remaining. This will no longer happen in the game as players will have a better chance at surviving the explosions due to some timing changes.

Instead of instantly blowing up at zero health, the vehicles will become disabled at that point so it can’t move anymore and catch on fire, but the explosion itself will be delayed by five seconds. This gives the player a few seconds to hop out and run for their lives, instead of dying with the vehicle.

However, though this great change has been made, all PUBG vehicles can still explode instantly if they are taking large radial damage from things like the red zones and explosive weapons to ensure that the whole process is realistic in the matches.

Also, how the PUBG vehicles explode will be slightly different now to move it be slightly less predictable than before. And fortunately, vehicles will no longer receive increased collision damage while they are rolled over.

With all of this, there are some changes to how damage applies to most vehicles in the game. For a large portion of them, the PUBG vehicles will have multiple damage areas that apply different multipliers if you can shoot or hit them.

In this case, the buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, pickup truck, Ronny, and Zima are all affected by this new change. The other vehicles that aren’t included will have the same damage all over them as before. But those specified ones have new and different damage zones.

The engine is the most vital spot as it will give the vehicle the 100% normal damage and is typically found at the front of the vehicle. Next is the body, which takes 75% of normal damage and includes the main parts that you would hit, like the doors.

Lastly, there is the roof, which takes only 50% damage and includes the roof, seats, and mirrors. As for boats, they will now have a 5 static damage reduction that will make it a bit harder to take them out.

C4 Makes Its Debut in PUBG

There is one new gameplay item in this update that we are honestly shocked hasn’t been in the game until now and that is the C4. It makes its debut in the battle royale game in update 7.3 and will work largely as you would expect as an explosive that you attach to surfaces.

Unfortunately, the C4 cannot be activated remotely at this time and will automatically go off at a certain time, which does diminish its quality a bit. It is not meant to be a new throwable explosive either as you are meant to attach to a spot and wait for it to blow someone up.

When you attach it to most surfaces, including vehicles, it will start beeping and detonate after 16 seconds. You will be able to hear the C4 pretty clearly, so you have a chance to get away. The damage radius of the C4 is pretty impressive at 25 meters, with death guaranteed within 15 meters.

It damages anyone within the range no matter what, including those who are hiding behind cover. You won’t be able to carry many of these or throw them very far either, making it ideal for closed spaces indoors or on enemy vehicles. You can find it as world loot or in care packages on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, and Sanhok.

Speaking of explosives, the spike traps have been buffed a bit in this update as well. The length of them has been increased by 50% to make them more useful to players. And for Vikendi specifically, the DMR spawns have been slightly increased so you can find them more easily.

Parachute Follow Feature Returns and Esports Tab

A surprising feature that is returning to the game in this update is the parachute follow feature. This was added in update 6.2 and then quickly removed from the game due to some problems. Those issues are now resolved and it is back for good (hopefully).

While you are in the pre-match countdown section of the match, you will find the follow UI and can open the map to select a teammate to follow and will be able to do this up until leaping from the plane. If you do select to follow someone, you can cancel it at any point if you want.

Also, the game itself will cancel the follow if you are obstructed by terrain or an object that is causing you to not continue moving. A new icon is also available to better show off the disable follow option for players who want nothing to do with this new feature.

Another relatively new feature is the esports tab. This new menu item will show off a lot of esports-related activities, including an overview of what’s happening, standings, and the next Pick Em Challenge. It will only be available through the end of July, so be sure to check it out until then.

What you will find in the new menu area is an overview and introduction to the PUBG esports scene with match schedules and more. You can find the teams who are competing here as well as stats on each player who is participating.

There will be up to date standings for each region, so you know who is doing the best in the four locations. Then there is the Pick Em Challenge itself where players can vote for which team they think will win everything and potentially earn some prizes in the process.

Vikendi Changes and More

Some nice Vikendi changes have arrived in update 7.3, mainly for the awesome train system. To make it even better, there is a new train line that players can use. It is near the center of the whole map and goes vertically so that you have better connections to the rest of the system.

There are also some improvements to the already existing train lines like making them have longer routes overall. This will ensure that players can go long distances without having to change trains or lines too often. And trains will go through two stations before changing direction to players more time.

While you are at a train station waiting to board, there will be new flashing lights and sounds that will notify you that a train is coming soon. Beyond the train stuff, other changes for Vikendi include more tree and rock covers in certain towns and regions where there wasn’t much cover.

There are now some artificial geysers that you can find at the Dinoland park. And as mentioned before, the DMR spawns are slightly increased on Vikendi so you can find this weapon more often.

On the UI side of things, the network debug stats have been moved slightly and system pop-up messages have been improved to be more smooth overall. The Tommy Gun icon is now more accurate to the weapon itself while there are changed logos for the 6x scope and shotgun chokes.

On the performance side of things, there should be reduced instances of frame rate hitching and stuttering that would occur when first opening up your inventory in a match.

Various Changes and New Items

With the end of the current season about a month away, PUBG Corp. has revealed the end date for Season 7. It will come to an end on July 15 but there will be a grace period from July 15-22 for those who have unclaimed rewards along with coupons.

On July 22, the current ranked season will also end with the new season commencing immediately after maintenance on that day. You will be able to pick up your Season 7 rewards as soon as you log in for the first time once season eight has started.

The rewards you get are determined by the highest-ranked tier that you are in at the end of Season 7 in either of the queues. Also, those players who are in the top 500 at the end of the season will receive some special bonus rewards. These ranked rewards are still hidden at this time.

There are new items that players will be able to pick up in the in-game store, starting with the release of the upcoming 7.3 update. First up is the swimsuits #1 set that include the checkered summer set, retro fern set, and the black summer bikini.

There is also the swimsuits #2 set that includes the polka dot summer bundle and retro summer bundle. For those who like esports, there is also the PCS1 2020 bundle with various items included and new emotes like Use Your Brain, Rev It Up, and Victory Dances 17 and 18.

These items will only stick around for a limited time, so be sure to grab them while they are here. This is especially the case for the PCS1 set that will only be available from June 17-July 2.

Bug Fixes

As always, there are some bug fixes in this update. You can find all of them below:


Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would stay on screen while playing War Mode
Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes clip through a player’s back while they were a passenger in a vehicle
Fixed the issue with the boat/aquarail heaving awkwardly when hit by a throwable
Fixed an issue which prevented leaning/peeking from working while crouched and using consumables
Fixed an issue where the appearance of AR and DMR compensators were swapped when attached to the MK14/SKS


Fixed an issue which displayed the wrong system message when declining a party invite
Fixed an issue with the parachute follow feature and the interaction UI not displaying a player’s correct keybinds in certain situations
Fixed a localization issue with the Mirado in the Last Match tab
Fixed the abnormal system message in certain language options

Skins & Items

Fixed a visual issue with the PGI Title Wraps
Fixed the issue with the character’s finger displaying abnormally when equipping The Chain skin in the character customization screen
Fixed an issue where the camera was not locked into place on the preview screen for weapon skins, or item crates
Fixed a visual issue with the High Waisted Shorts

Replay System

Fixed an issue with the incorrect team color/patterns displayed in replays
Fixed the issue where buildings destroyed by the Black Zone on Karakin weren’t marked as destroyed when moving through replay timelines

Fortunately, we were able to cover just about everything that you need to know about this update but you can still find out everything that you need to know about the PUBG update 7.3 patch notes here on the official website, in case you want to check it out there.


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